Travelling: a long-term lifestyle

Hello MyGnews, we are gay couple, Stefan and Sebastien and owners of the gay travel blog Nomadic Boys.

We quit our jobs and London life last year to eat our way through Asia and plan to make travelling a long-term lifestyle.

Stefan, 33 is a former lawyer, of Greek Cypriot origin, born and raised in London. Sebastien, also 33, is an IT geek, originally from France but moved to London to work in the finance industry.

We first set eyes on each other on Tuesday 24th February 2009 at the GAY bar in Soho, London. Sebastien was meeting friends to talk about moving to Spain to start a new life and Stefan was meeting a work colleague about a possible career move. We were too shy to speak to one another and it was Stefan’s friend who helped break the ice. The rest is history.

We have been together for over 6 years. After 2 years, we bought our flat together, renovated it and enjoyed a happy life in London. We figured if we can survive that, then surely we can survive travelling together long term.

Travelling and cooking were the two things we had in common from the outset. Sebastien was on the verge of leaving London and Stefan had hit a lull in his legal career and was looking for something new. We talked about moving to new places long term and earning money along the way to fund this and to make long-term travelling a new lifestyle/career.

In around 2012, we agreed to go for it and start by eating our way through Asia. So, we started planning and saving up and set 2014 as the year we would be financially ready to leave London.

We set up our Nomadic Boys blog to record our adventures and has proven to be an excellent way to keep a record of our travels.

The main 2 things we both love are picking up recipes from each country we visit and trying to meet local gays and gain their point of view of the gay scene.

Since we set up Nomadic Boys, it has grown exponentially in terms of traffic and followers, particularly amongst the LGBT community. We have recently started to be contacted by hotels, tour companies and other tourist related businesses offering sponsorship and advertising.

We’ve also started producing videos for each country we’ve visited. It’s hard work keeping up with the editing, but extremely rewarding to watch over and re-live the memories. Our most recent travel video is from our month in the Philippines (watch video below).

Our dream is to be able to continue travelling using income from our blog (and other jobs we do along the way to compliment this) once our savings run out. It is extremely hard work keeping on top of it along with travel plans but heck we are not complaining and it has been extremely rewarding.

We just completed 17 months travelling in Asia and taking a break from travelling for a few months to spend Christmas with our families and work on blog, then we plan to head to Latin America for 2016.


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