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Nick Creswell, Vice President - Talent & Development: Be Yourself!

Nick Creswell on the importance of LGBT inclusion in the workplace and how open culture is at Thomson Reuters.  Nick Creswell was ranked number 13 on The Telegraph’s Top 50 list of LGBT executives.

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Pride in London – Pride heroes!

By Timothy Smith, Content Manager, Thomson Reuters

Just what or who is a “pride hero?” That is the question we asked ourselves as we prepared to march to the theme of this year’s Pride in London festival. Was it one of the one million plus people who lined the streets of London? The 250 groups made up of more than 30,000 people that they were cheering? Maybe it was the 62% of people who voted to allow same-sex marriage in Ireland in May this year, or the governments of 18 countries around the world who now allow equal marriage rights for same-sex couples?

PrideIn Thomson Reuters we had own our heroes. They were the 90 people from all over the UK and Ireland joined by our international members from Europe and the US who made this our largest ever group to attend Pride in London, waving, cheering and proudly wearing Thomson Reuters t-shirts, orange capes in the glorious London sun. They were our creative services team who produced 5,000 orange crowns, 7,000 business cards and wristbands to hand out to the crowd; the same team who produced the Thomson Reuters Pride message displayed to all in Canary Wharf on our Jumbotron screen. It was also the Thomson Reuters staff who handed out Love Hearts in the London and Nottingham offices, and organised social and external events in the build up to Pride, to celebrate our sponsorship of the event for the first time.

Maybe it is one of the 1,600+ Thomson Reuters colleagues who declared they were “on side with Pride” and showed their support for a world where every human is treated equally.

We were also hugely proud of the product and development team behind our own Convene app, led by Matt Khoury, who built the official Pride in London app to help people plan their Pride festival. All of this helped us to raise our profile not just in London, and not just to the LGBT community, but to customers around the world.

Over 40% of the world’s lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) population live in countries that could kill or imprison them. That figure rises to 70% when you consider those who live under laws and regulations that restrict freedom of expression for LGBT people. A recent global survey found 90% of the transgender population had experienced harassment or mistreatment while working. Whatever your definition of a “pride hero,” despite the many gains that have been made over the past few years globally, there’s still more work to be done.

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We believe our strength as a business is derived from the talents, ideas and experiences of our people. We know that an inclusive workplace is one where all employees are valued regardless of difference, have access to the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential, and invest in their local communities.


Our approach, guided by our Trust Principles and underpinned by the Thomson Reuters Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, is at the core to our purpose and values, and is articulated through our Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion Policy.

Thomson Reuters is dedicated to upholding the Trust Principles and to preserving its independence, integrity and freedom from bias in the gathering and dissemination of information and news.

We report annually on our progress and performance related to responsible business practices in our annual report.


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I joined Thomson Reuters in 2012 and ever since my first week, have been really impressed with the commitment the organization shows to diversity and inclusion. I work in the People function in a Talent Development role, so diversity is absolutely on my agenda professionally but it is a personal passion of mine too. Which is why I find it reassuring that senior leaders within the business echo this passion and regularly speak up and speak for the benefits and the business case for diversity. We have a number of business resource groups within Thomson Reuters, our LGBT Pride network being just one (but others include Women@Thomson Reuters, the Asian Affinity Network, Black Employee Network, Disability Employee Network and Early Careers Network) and each resource group has at least one Executive Sponsor, a senior leader who champions and supports the specific group internally and externally. This can sometimes feel like lip service in other organizations I have worked for but here I can honestly say it feels more genuine and leaders truly understand why being more inclusive makes us a stronger and higher performing organization. Leesa Fernandes, Talent & Development Manager.


Having worked at Thomson Reuters since 2009, I've seen the company make great progress in becoming an increasingly inclusive employer for LGBT+ people. Our Pride at Work network has over 1000 members globally - many of whom are allies - and we receive high profile messages of support from our CEO and other senior execs. In 2015 we introduced industry-leading guidelines for managers supporting gender transition, and we have a great presence at Pride in London - last year we had nearly 100 employees participate. The company takes its commitment to LGBT+ equality very seriously - making every effort to apply all relevant policies globally, wherever it's legally possible. But it's our co-workers who make the biggest difference: whether or not they identify as LGBT+, people go out of their way to demonstrate support and create an inclusive place to work. As you've probably gathered, I think this is a great place for LGBT+ people to work. Very happy to answer any questions on this thread, or to discuss via private message.

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