The P3 Network


P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. supports (i) LGBT parents and prospective parents, (ii) heterosexual parents who may have children that are LGBT or who seek to raise their children in a diverse and inclusive environment, and (iii) organisations that want to broaden the diversity dialogue among their employees and offer them another avenue of support. P3 is proud that its membership composition is almost equally 50/50 men and women, a rare achievement among LGBT networks.



P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. runs various events across the City targeted at education, support, mentoring, networking and fun. Networking is achieved across a broad range of post-panel networking events and our social sports teams, including dodgeball and various races. P3 also offers opportunities for families to come together at social days out across the City, therefore facilitating new relationships among adults and children alike. P3 is regularly invited to participate on panel events that drive the diversity agenda around modern families forward. P3 regularly works with organisations to tailor in-house programmes and events.



P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. is free to join by signing up on our website. Members then get access to invitations to our various events. Most events, other than the P3 Play Date series which carry admission fees, are free of charge. P3 does not sell its mailing lists.



P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. is a voluntary organisation. We operate with no budget and are dependent on our various sponsors across the City. All events are done with the support of volunteers. Our sponsors range from leading international banks, law firms, professional services firms and insurance companies. Sponsorship is a collaboration and we look to work with our sponsors to nurture a relationship that is mutually beneficial.



P3:PROUD.PROFESSIONAL.PARENTS. has ambitious aspirations, and is driven just like our members. P3 is driving the modern family agenda forward. This includes expanding to highlight the realities of both single and trans parenting. Join us as we continue to grow and hopefully make the need for an organisation like ours obsolete. That is the end goal – when our modern families are no longer “modern” and instead referred to as “normal.”