21 Covent Garden



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21 The Market Covent Garden London WC2E 8RD United Kingdom

Who doesn’t like having a walk around Covent Garden? It’s true that sometimes is so packed with tourists that the only thing that we want is to avoid walking through its old and charming streets. However, there is one small place in the heart of Covent Garden that will surely become one of your favorite places to be: 21. This Italian inspired bar-restaurant, is located in one of the corners of the Covent Garden Piazza where on one side you will be able to see the St. Paul’s church, and on the other side the always busy and magical market.

From their heated and covered terrace you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail comfortably sitting down, while taking a look into the beautiful buildings that surround the historical area. There are no surprises with the food; the range of classic pizzas, pasta and antipasti will always be the right choice. However, if we want a more intimate and cosy atmosphere, the restaurant downstairs is a great place to be during winter time or in one of those rainy evenings when even the crowded Covent Garden tends to be empty.

myGwork team is sure that with such a view that you can get at 21 from their comfortable terrace, you will forget about the rest; and if you think that being in a venue in such a touristy place means paying ridiculous amounts of money, don’t forget that apart from the affordable menu, every single day there is a happy hour from 5pm to 8pm!

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