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In England the afternoon tea is essential; and we love it. Specially in winter, it’s great to stop for a few hours and treat ourselves with the delicious English wide selection. But if we can add some tasty food to our afternoon drink, it can’t get any better. In Bake-a-boo you will be able to find a wide variety of hand-baked seasonal cakes, treats & cupcakes galore to match with your tea. The best part is that appart of finding very exotic ingredients and mixes, there is an special range of products free from the common allergens of wheat, gluten and dairy; and as well egg and sugar free. Whenever myGwork team goes, we try new products and we are always unable to choose among all the cakes which are truly addictive; specially for sweet lovers like us! However, you have to be aware of the previous booking that it’s needed in order to try their unique Afternoon Tea and Morning Tea. But we can assure that it’s worth it!

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