Gordon's Wine Bar



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+44 20 7930 1408


Gordon's Wine Bar 47 Villiers Street London WC2N 6NE

Past times always look better and we always admire those venues in which things remain as they were once. Gordons wine bar keeps the charm and beauty that a place that is said to be the oldest wine bar in London, has had since it was established in its present form in 1890. Old wooden walls covered in historical newspaper cuttings and rickety candlelit tables are some of the ingredients of such an special place that has such a refined and romantic atmosphere. We assure that you won’t feel the need of using your smartphone.
It’s just the perfect and most beautiful places in London for a cosy evening. However, there is the possibility of sitting outside Watergate walk to enjoy the very much needed sunlight.
But it’s not all about the unique decoration! The selection of wines and food is as excellent as the characteristic environment. This is myGwork team’s heaven for wine; and believe us, we truly appreciate good wine!

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