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+44 (0) 207 836 4731


Hazelwood House 53 New Oxford Street London WC1A 1BL

You really can’t visualize a typical Englishman look without an umbrella. James Smith & Sons umbrella and walking sticks shop has been proudly producing these useful essentials for the rainy English weather since their first shop opened in 1830. Throughout the years, this family business has been running thanks to the unique and rich handcrafted designs 100% produced in England. Even if the umbrellas are an essential object in London, there was a time where walking sticks were part of the gentlemen’s attire; however, nowadays they are mainly used as an aid to walk. Whenever we pass in front of their shop in New Oxford Street, is like going back in time as the front design keeps the essence of a Victorian era shop. Once you get in, instead of being in a retail, you’ll feel that you are in a true museum.

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