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19 St James's Street London SW1A 1ES

Smoking indoors can be prohibited; but a tobacco lover can never give up to its passion and trust us, there are a few among the team. Smoking is a very old tradition, we are sure that there was a cigar involved in some of the most important moments in history. JJ Fox is reportedly the oldest cigar merchants in the world, therefore during their 225 years of history (Robert Lewis firstly opened the shop in 1787, before James J Fox was formed in 1881 in Dublin and acquired it in 1992) they’ve provided the world’s finest products to figures such as Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill. Their exclusive selection of cigars specially from Cuba and Dominican Republic, is the best for those who really admire the good tobacco; and of course all the vintage products and items are an excuse for a special gift. Their website is properly ready to make an online purchase, but to be honest, we very much prefer to go to the shop which is exempt from the smoking ban and enjoy it with other smoking enthusiast and maybe, decide to buy more.

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