Rock and Sole Plaice



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020 7836 3785


47 Endell St London WC2H 9AJ

Fish and Chips, the English dish par excellence. If you are craving for the best quality then don’t doubt it Rock and Sole Plaice is your place to be. Whenever we need to discover or remember the real taste of a proper Fish and Chips we don’t doubt it. In addition, this restaurant has a beautiful and very meaningful history behind its back that has helped to shape the huge notoriety that the restaurant has. Eventually, London is full of venues that offer Fish and Chips and however, most of them don’t offer a proper quality; but a place that has been standing for 143 years offering a traditional receipt is not only a good restaurant to go to, but as well a place worth visiting. The fish selection is a great one and the way is fried and treated it’s even better. Knowing that the number 47 of Endell Street was the third place in the UK selling fish, they definitely understand how it has to be properly cooked to get such a good reputation. You will realize how generous the price is, when you notice how big the portion is. Such a classic and timeless venue can’t be missed from your favourite places to eat list.

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