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(020) 7406 3100


20 Glasshouse Street London W1B 5AR

Living in the city is exciting, but we always get to miss the great natural products that the nature provides us. A good proof of it is the constantly rising number of city farms and urban vegetable gardens. However Whole Foods, brings us the truly high quality of the organic food. They will let you know how the fish that you are buying was caught, how were the animals raised and most importantly they will never ever use any toxic or persistent agricultural chemicals. But this is not only a philosophy, it’s a way of living as well: they support local farmers, ranchers, growers and producers to ensure the growth of the local economy. In addition, Whole Foods Guarantee Programme works towards the community development, better working conditions, environmental responsibility and community development. Whenever we buy one of their products we don’t only support a more healthy way of living but as well a more ethical and fair one.

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