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Data Engineer


1. Develop scripting and tools for hardware and software in an enterprise, scalable environment
2. Participate in the migration of media applications to a cloud environment (requirements gathering, designing, building, testing and maintenance)
3. Develop working knowledge of Amazon?s Web Services platform and Google Cloud Platform.
4. Coordinate with engineering and operations teams to manage product deployment from staging to production
5. Identify and execute opportunities for process and workflow automation
6. Manage DEV and QA instances and systems including code repositories
7. Participate in the evaluation of new software and infrastructure solutions
8. Assist in the development and utilization of measurement and data tools
9. Work with a team of engineers developing automation for data centers and global infrastructure.


* Bachelor's degree in engineering, software development, or related (equivalent experience accepted)
* 1-2 years? experience with Python, XML/JSON and AWS
* Strong familiarity with various open source systems and tools
* Understanding of relational database design and data structures
* Understanding of SOA/microservices
* Self-learner, independent, with outstanding problem-solving skills
* Strong work ethic, positive attitude and leadership qualities with the ability to handle multiple tasks and set priorities
* Ability to work in a fast paced, high pressure environment
* Ability to work independently and remotely
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills

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