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Technical Program Manager II

Eurosport Digital is Discovery's primary drive into the Direct to Consumer business in Europe. It currently comprises two parts; - the continent's number one sports news website - and Eurosport Player, a leading subscription-based OTT sports platform available across Europe.

The business is in a period of high growth, fueled by investment in rights, marketing, product and content.


• You have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to understand organizational and corporate goals and ensured that your projects delivered what was required to hit these goals. You have shipped multiple high impact projects and use data to assess their impact.
• You have experience with all phases of project delivery from concept to production, including defining features and deliverables, securing team commitments, establishing a project charter, handling all communication and reporting, overseeing development & deployment, and performing retrospective assessment using data and key performance indicators.
• You have demonstrated your written communication skills can be applied to business and technical documentation, when needed for your project, and have written multiple documents in multiple formats in your experience. Your documents are used as examples of good work by your peers.
• You have demonstrated the capacity to make decisions for more than one project or program area showing that your judgment is flexible.
• You can handle more than one project simultaneously and successfully.


• Technical background in video streaming or related field.
• Additional technical literacy such as professional experience with AWS services or front-end client development.
• Experience implementing Agile methodologies.
• Subject matter expertise in one or more CE connected devices; ideally media provider branded set- top boxes.

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