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Data Analyst- Staff Level

1. Analyze data in specified field by programming or existing software.

2. Conduct in-depth industry (or specific topic) research for the purpose of marketing event, project execution, meeting material preparation, etc. Research field mainly focuses on (but not limited) domestic and overseas.

3. Analyze regulatory requirements and develop solutions to help client tackle regulatory changes.

4. Draft project deliverables per manager's instruction. Deliverables may be written in either Chinese or English.

5. Work closely with client by assisting managers in project management, including meeting arrangement and timeline control.

6. Use preexisting template to prepare meeting minutes for current projects in a clear, concise, and timely manner.

7. Assist in client interview for fact gathering purpose.

To qualify, candidates must have:

1. Full of passions in analysis data, and solve client's key issues.

2. Solid data mining / data analysis skill.

3. Excellent command of English. Candidate must be able to read regulatory requirements with correct understanding and generate project deliverables (including reports) in English.

4. Strong logical thinking and writing skill. Able to write in an organized and solid manner.

5. Proactive, willing to establish new knowledge and take challenges.

6. Be able to use statistic or mathematics methodology to solve problems.

Required Technical Competencies (Minimum of 1 of the following):

C++, C#, VBA, SAS, SPSS, R, Tableau, Power BI or Python

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