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M&A - Analyst

• Review financial, accounting, legal, capital market, and business data to form an insightful analysis.

• Conduct financial modelling to predict risk and outcomes.

• Conduct initial legal and business relevant document for reviews.

• Assessment of legal, accounting, business, and strategies in transactions to identify deal angles, risks and solutions.

• Conduct pitch books, analysis reviews, IM, and relevant QRM document efficiently.

• Assist managers to maintain clients and daily project coverage.

• Perform Administrative duties.

• Finance, business, or Accounting education background.

• Three or more years of experience in the IBD/Underwriting/FA dept. of securities companies or investment banks.

• Strong financial and accounting modeling skills.

• Ability to work in a fast-paced, team-based environment.

• Team player with strong communication skills.

• Ability to organize and track overlapping tasks and assignments.

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