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Product Expert/Data Scientist

Site Name: UK - London - Brentford
Posted Date: Oct 30 2019

Job Title: Product Expert/Data Scientist - Global Applications & Development Tech

This GA&D Tech role will actively support GSK's strategic goals by supporting the business process insight to value journey using the Celonis Process Mining technology. As part of the persistent Celonis development team, you are accountable for technical deliverables and ensuring sound architectural setup of Celonis.

As a GSK Celonis Product Expert assigned as a 'Data Scientist' within the tool, you will provide technical guidance and advice to the Celonis Product Owner as part of solutions-fit and options assessment (Viability, Desirability, Feasibility) with a focus on feasibility - for example can the user-story/problem statement be technically achieved.

You will support the insight to value journey across multiple business process areas, predominantly in Finance, Commercial & Procurement, and Manufacturing & Supply Chain. You will drive implementation and improvement initiatives with process data of varying complexity covering multiple business processes and source systems.

Key Responsibilities:

Support insight to value engagements
  • Support internal engagements with new and existing business process stakeholder groups, to drive use of Celonis to discover business process insights that can lead to delivery of value for GSK.
  • Demonstrate best practise tools and techniques for using Celonis.

Analyse and understand business process data
  • Work with business process Subject Matter Experts and other Tech Product Experts to understand how background data tables link together to form a data model that underpins and represents a business process.

Extract & transform source system data
  • Work with Tech Integration teams using data extraction tools to extract background data from source systems into the Celonis Database, and then transform it via SQL scripting to develop a data model, ensuring that the model reflects the process in the source system.

Create & maintain data models
  • Once the Celonis Database work is completed, create and maintain the related data model within the Celonis application.

Create & maintain process-oriented analyses/dashboards
  • Once the data models are created, create and maintain process-oriented analyses/dashboards within the Celonis application to visualise the related process and enable business stakeholder groups to gain insights about their processes.

  • Develop a sound knowledge of GSK policies and processes regarding different types of personal information and protection of sensitive data.
  • Develop an understanding of the different Quality, Risk & Compliance requirements, ensuring all products are compliant with internal security, risk management policies and external regulatory and statutory requirements e.g. GxP, SARBOX .
  • Continuously develop technical skills and knowledge in Celonis and related products, and share learnings and experiences with others to improve visibility and understanding of Celonis capability among peers and stakeholders.
  • Build relationships with other Tech functions both inside and outside of GA&D to identify opportunities for process improvements and assist with their implementation.
  • Develop trusted relationships with team-members and customers alike and encourage others to openly express their thoughts and ideas.
  • Influence effectively through building powerful networks and using them to secure support for plans and create positive outcomes for GSK.
  • Achieve goals and objectives as agreed with the Celonis Product Owner, overcoming obstacles and barriers to success by being proactive, driving initiatives forward without compromising quality.

What you'll need to be a success in this role:
  • Candidates will have proven experience in programming, Data ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) and working with databases.
  • Candidates will have experience in SQL, including creating SQL scripts to create and update schemas (including procedures, tables and views), ideally in SAP HANA/SAP HANA Studio.
  • Candidates will have successfully completed BS/MS studies in Computer Science/Data Science, Information-oriented Business Administration/ Economics, Mathematics or a comparable degree program.
  • Candidates will ideally have experience of working as a 'Celonis Data Scientist', although this is not essential if candidate is willing to learn new skills.
  • Candidates will ideally have experience of working with data extraction tools such as BODS and SLT, although this is not essential.
  • Candidates will ideally understand underlying ERP table structures (e.g. SAP) although this is not essential.
  • Candidates will ideally have experience of working within an Agile framework, e.g. Kanban, Scrum or Emergn VFQ although this is not essential.
  • Teamwork - candidates will be capable of working effectively in large, complex cross functional teams and possess strong communication skills to interact with colleagues across different technology areas and geographies.
  • Highly-Structured Analytical Approach - candidates will be capable of thinking analytically, working in a structured manner and quickly comprehending new topics and interrelationships.
  • Proactive and Resourceful - candidates will have a high interest in Process Mining and Big Data, and an ability to use external / internal sources to help deliver business value using Celonis Process Mining technology and tools.
  • Consulting skills - candidates will have good interpersonal skills, be capable of building relationships across different stakeholder and functional groups from a broad range of business process areas.

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