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Associate Scientist - Quantitative NMR / Process Impurities

The Position

The Analytical Operations department prides itself on expertise and leadership in the area of process related impurities as well as high throughput analytical testing and data management to support process development and validation activities.  We have an exciting opportunity for a talented scientist or research associate to join our team.  

The position is focused on evaluating protein-based drug samples for leachables and other impurities using quantitative NMR. The role requires the use of a variety of NMR methods to perform process validation, analyze process development samples, quantitate solution components, and demonstrate the comparability and stability of raw materials.  A successful candidate will be capable of applying advanced NMR methods and writing custom pulse sequences to resolve the signals of trace impurities in complex solutions


The position requires regular meetings with other stakeholders to develop experimental protocols and strategies, analyze data, and write reports.  Other duties include contributing to laboratory maintenance and performing safety inspections.

This job requires strong organizational skills and the capacity to manage multiple simultaneous projects.  The ability to plan, schedule, and track work for internal and external teams is essential.  Documentation of results and authoring of protocols and summary reports are part of the position, so excellent written communication abilities are needed.

Key Job Functions

•    Plan and execute the testing of protein-based drug samples for leachables and other impurities.
•    Create customized NMR parameter sets and pulse sequences.
•    Provide SME knowledge in the area of quantitative NMR.
•    Collaborate with other researchers to leverage LC-MS, GC-MS, and ICP-MS data when needed.
•    Troubleshoot instruments and methods.
•    Meet with other groups to discuss the design of NMR-based studies.
•    Author protocols and summary reports.
•    Contribute to laboratory maintenance.

Who You Are

Ph.D. in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related scientific field, or equivalent combination of Bachelor's/Master’s and experience.  2+ years of experience and an advanced knowledge of NMR methods and instrumentation.  Direct experience operating NMR instrumentation, optimizing NMR parameters, and analyzing NMR data is required.  The candidate must have a good knowledge of general analytical methods, such as quantitative analysis, and possess good verbal, writing, organizational, and interpersonal skills.


Roche is an equal opportunity employer.

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