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Head of Design Center

Principal Roles & Responsibilities/Accountabilities 主要职责/责任

  • Understands Roche Business and Strategies and Aligns the Strategic Plans for the Design Center:
    • Works in close partnership with Learning Advisors and In-field Trainers to develop a clear picture of Roche business, strategies, full spectrum of products, TAs, talent landscape, and relevant external trends
    • Based on the agreed learning & development priorities of Roche, formulates a strategic plan for the Design Center to guide the internal design resource allocation and prioritization of the large number of design demands
  • Organizes and Conducts Internal Knowledge Management and Develops Expertise within the Design Center:
  • Leads the Design Center team to establish and continuously contribute to a shared knowledge database that stores reproducible design materials, ready-to-go solutions, expertise in multiple fields, as well as regularly review and summarize successful design methodologies and best practices to enhance the design efficiency and resource utilization within the Design Center
  • Empowers the internal cross-topic information and knowledge sharing among experts within the Design Center to improve the broaden the horizons of experts, motivate learnings and boost innovation within the Design Center
  • Leads and Manages the Design of Learning & Development Solutions with a Wide Range of Professional Topics
    • Leads the experts to fulfill company-wide and cross-BU solution designs and strategic project designs and delivery covering multiple topics e.g. Sales, Marketing, CAMAC, Medical, onboarding, leadership & coaching, talent & succession, assessment, career management, rotation, shadowing, culture & mindset etc.
    • Leads the Design Center to localize global programs to better cater to talents and market context for Roche China
    • Provides professional insights and suggestions regarding solution design as well as workforce and other resources to support Learning Advisors and In-field Trainers to ensure the effective delivery of the learning & development solutions
  • Optimizes the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Solution Design:
    • Continuously reviews and optimizes products of Design Center to ensure clients are provided with the most updated solutions with maximized impact
    • Incorporates updated digital learning & development approaches and techniques (e.g. mobile learning) into the solution designs to maximize impact and efficiency
    • Conducts quality control of learning solution designs to ensure the impacts of design work.
    • Actively seeks clients’ feedbacks from Learning advisors and In-field Trainers to proactively improve solution design quality and user satisfaction
    • Leads the development and update of company learning policies and SOPs
    • Lead the acquisition of best learning & development practices within/out of the industry
  • Team Management:
    • Leads, guides and coaches team members regularly to enable them to perform well in their job
    • Sets goals and KPIs for the team members and conduct evaluations

Qualification and Experience能力与经验

Education/Qualifications 教育程度/所获资格证书

  • Bachelor’s degree in Education / Management, or equivalent; Master's degree is preferred.
  • Solid expertise in one or more learning and development areas, including sales/ marketing/CAMAC/ medical/ trainings, onboard trainings, leadership & coach, talent & succession, assessment, career management, and culture & mindset
  • Significant work experience and expertise in learning & development solution design with the ability to effectively delivery key knowledge messages

Leadership Competencies 领导者胜任力

  • Focus to create value
  • Deliver results
  • Coach and develop team
  • Innovative
  • Learning agility

Job Required Competencies 岗位所需胜任力

  • Deep and broad understanding of business, full spectrum of Roche products, talent landscapes with the ability to transfer business needs into effective learning & development solution designs
  • Outstanding user insights to develop a clear picture of user profiles, and accurately grasp the user’s pain points/needs of learning & development to create user-oriented designs and maximize the impacts
  • Expertise in one or more learning & development fields to be able to provide professional advice and insights to company-wide clients and stakeholders
  • Strong stakeholder management skills to be able to cooperate and maintain a close partnership with multiple Learning Advisors and In-field Trainers across all BUs as well as mobilize and inspire many experts within diverse expertise fields to deliver results.
  • Innovative thinking skills to constantly think out of the box, find innovative solutions to various challenges and problems as well as incorporate the advanced digital solutions and techniques into the learning & development designs to provide more efficient designs
  • Solid knowledge management skills, with the abilities to lead the knowledge sharing, accumulation, and internal learning of the Design Center to continuously enhance the expertise and boost innovation
  • Effective at identifying, evaluating and leveraging internal and external resources (people, technology/tools, platforms, alliances) to constantly create and add value to achievement of the organization’s learning and development goals and initiatives
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to develop trusting and effective relationships at all levels of the organization.
  • Demonstrate Roche values of integrity, courage, passion

Roche is an equal opportunity employer.

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