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Patent Specialist

Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities

We are looking for a candidate who is fluent in Mandarin and English, passionate, and detail-oriented. Training is avaiable for those without legal/patent background.

As a patent specialist, you’ll work as part of the patent team to support our R&D and business from IP perspective. Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1.Patent administration work
(1)Creating invention disclosure record and patent family record in Roche system/platform
(2)Uploading patent filing documents to the system or sending the patent filing documents to patent filing team
(3)Safe handling of patent managing system (TIPM)
(4)Reliable management of files in First to File 
(5)Monitoring and handling all correspondence for patent attorneys, including but not limited to reply to office actions, request for substantive examination, Hongkong registration, payments, amendment, divisional, restoration of rights, etc.
(6)Monitoring due dates
(7)Downloading, uploading and updating cited reference documents to the system
(8)Downloading, retrieval of documents (for example, copy of patent registry book, patent publication document) upon request
(9)Responsible for patent relevant document execution, for example, execution of assignments, US declarations, PCT declarations, etc.
(10)Coordinating translation, notarization and legalization of documents by working with law firms, translation firms, notary public office and other public services
(11)Supporting service invention matters
(12)Supporting patent attorney in compilation of documents (family reports, patent documents etc.)
(13)Drawing of chemical formulas per template and Preparation of sequence listing
(14)Other routine work

2.General administrative support, e.g. record keeping, travel request and approval, hotel/flight reservation, reimbursement, procurement for the department, organization of meetings/team building / TC/VC / department activities, prepare power-point presentations and excel-sheet, etc.

3.Other Assigned administrative tasks

4.All the above work, particularly the patent administration work, shall be completed correctly, accurately, timely and professionally.

Qualification and Experience

Bachelor Degree

Leadership Competencies
Effective communication skills
The capability of setting priorities to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
Strong customer-service focus
Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team

Job Required Competencies
Being careful, accurate, and detail oriented
Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, written & oral
Skillful using of Microsoft Office


Legal、 Legal > Licensing, Patents, Trademarks

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