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PHC Integrated Strategy Lead

Role Profile

  • Visionary: Articulates a bold, shared vision for PHC and the whole Affiliate that is centered on the patient to deliver our North Star, embeds and projects this vision in all internal & external interactions
  • Architect: Evolves the PHC roles and forms and empowers teams that make great decisions
  • Shaper: Engages as a player in the broader Affiliate and the global network to shape structures, processes and behaviors; engages externally side by side with GM and other business functions to advance HC and continuously improve the patient journey
  • Coach: Helps everyone in the network build the skills and mindset they need to succeed. Is comfortable leading, developing, coaching and mentoring less experienced members of team
  • Catalyst: Removes obstacles, prioritizing to create clarity and focus; collaborates externally to solve HC bottlenecks

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