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Java Full Stack Developer

Job Description

Looking for a Java Full stack developer with strong knowledge of Core Java and has worked on Python, Cassandra & Spark. The position is open for our NY and NJ offices.


  • Develop and contribute across the stack (JavaScript/React, Java back end).
  • Design and implement Apache Spark based real time stream processing data pipeline involving complex data processing.
  • Integration work involving Cassandra, Spark, Datastax, graph, and other big data technologies.
  • Design and review data models using Python and Spark, and help developers plan high performing queries in CQL.
  • Develop and design data pipelines structures and implement them for structured/unstructured, real-time/batch, Sync/async using MQ/Kafka.
  • Develop on distributed systems, clustering and replication, Microservices, Azure Cloud.


  • Minimum 5 years of Java back end development experience and 2-3 years’ experience on Python, Cassandra & Spark.
  • Experience in Visual Analytics Tools knowledge (Tableau).
  • Experience in performing Proof-Of-concept for new technologies.
  • Experience with React framework to develop user interfaces
  • Cassandra APIs, tools to import from CSV, Excel, JSON, XML
  • Understanding of Java, CQL, Python, Apache SPARK – SPARK Core, SPARK SQL and SPARK Streaming.
  • Experience with Cassandra data modeling and CQL scripting.
  • Experience using Azure, DevOps and Git version control.
  • Experience with DataStax Enterprise Graph, including the Gremlin query language.
  • Flexible to learn and adopt new technologies and assume other responsibilities as needed
  • Experience working in an Agile or iterative approach to delivery preferred.


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