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The Walt Disney Company

Manager, Health & Safety (PH)

Job Summary:

The Manager, Health & Safety is assigned to each show at the start of pre-production and is responsible for ensuring that COVID-19 protocols are implemented on-set and assists the production to get up and running smoothly. This position oversees, advises and implements the creation of the show’s plan for policies and procedures in adherence and compliance with the most current production restart protocols of TWDC. The Manager, Health & Safety will dual report to Production Executives and the Director, Crew Experience.


· Lead COVID-19 health and safety planning in the workplace, according to legal guidelines

· Determine requirements needed for each department to comply with guidelines

· Advice the production on best practices on health and safety-related to COVID-19

· Evaluate practices, procedures, and facilities to assess risk and adherence to the law

· Ensure required health compliance training for all crew, talent, etc. is provided

· Order and distribute supplies (PPE, disinfectants, etc.)

· Enforce Studio policies and protocols on-set in conjunction with production management

· Manage staffing and supplies for cleaning and disinfecting including cleaning vendors

· Provide reports to production management regarding concerns, violations, and compliance

· Establish an on-set network of crew members to assist with implementation and monitoring of the program

· Work with all departments to ensure that staffing is in place to ensure key entry, egress and traffic flow areas are secure

· Review prep and shooting schedules to ensure required social distancing procedures (pods, teams, etc.) are in place

· Work closely with Set Medic

· Work with departments to implement social distancing protocols for office/work spaces

· Ensure employee screening protocols are in place

· Stay current on new developments in health and safety to improve quality and efficacy of production processes

Basic Qualifications:

· Experience working on set with feature or television production

· Ability to adapt to varying work environments possesses a strong pro-active work ethic and quickly adapt to new responsibilities

· Lead and escalate issues to UPM and Safety

· Advise and guide UPM and production to implement changes necessary asap

· Ability to work well in a team environment

· Good oral and written communication skills

· Proven strong organizational skills, including logistics, time management, and scheduling

· Must be a people person who can manage with confidence, maintain policy/protocol with the crew, and operate with authority when needed

· Must be comfortable speaking to groups and providing training

· Highly creative and driven to problem solve

· Have a willingness to travel and keep a flexible schedule (work on a production schedule)

Preferred Qualifications:

· Basic knowledge of safety and health standards and regulations.

· Proficiency with Microsoft Office Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

· Desire to continue development of technical skills and industry knowledge

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