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The Walt Disney Company

Storyboard Artist (Project Hire)

Job Summary:

Lucasfilm Animation is the creator of the Emmy award-winning animation series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Star Wars: The Bad Batch, an original series now streaming on Disney+.

We are looking for a Storyboard Artist who reflects the innovative spirit, creative talent, production excellence, collaborative mindset and passion for great filmmaking that define Lucasfilm.

The Storyboard Artist works closely with the writers and directors to convey a story through visual storytelling techniques in a 3D computer graphics environment. They work directly from the script to setup the stage and cameras in a 3D environment. It is their job to explore the possibilities of each scene, capture them as shots with a 3D camera move, and edit their work together as movies for submission to the show's story reel.


  • The 3D Story Artist handles composition, screen direction, camera angles, staging, posing, pace, and timing (all the while ensuring that it maintains and fulfills the storypoint).
  • Work is done when final 3D camera setups are delivered to downstream production departments.

Basic Qualifications:

  • 5+ years in feature film or television production, or equivalent experience.
  • Bachelor's degree in Film, Animation, or Fine Arts Recommended.
  • Reel containing examples of work in live-action or animated film that exhibits a strong emphasis on visual storytelling, including staging, composition, and editing.
  • Competency in 2D storyboarding, or comparable form.
  • Must be confident working extensively with computers. Experience with using 3D animation software a strong plus.
  • Acting out the scene while working on it for the enjoyment of your coworkers also a plus.

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