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The Walt Disney Company

Supervisor, Health & Safety (PH)

Job Summary:

The Safety and Health Supervisor will ensure that COVID-19 requirements are implemented on-set working in conjunction with the Manager, Health & Safety, UPM and other department heads. The individual will report to the Manager, Health & Safety.


Establishing plans to distribute and dispose of PPE throughout the production

· Work closely with the Manager, Safety & Health to research new trends, technology, and best practices in production health and wellness

· Post and maintain approved signage and awareness campaigns.

· Draft plans for cleaning/sanitation schedules for all production sites

· Enforce Studio policies and protocols on-set in conjunction with production management

· Manage staffing and supplies for cleaning and disinfecting

· Provide reports to production management regarding concerns, violations, and compliance

· Establish an on-set network of crew members to assist with implementation and monitoring of the program

· Work with all departments to ensure that staffing is in place to ensure key entry, egress and traffic flow areas are secure

· Review prep and shooting schedules to ensure required social distancing procedures (pods, teams, etc.) are in place

· Work closely with Set Medic

· Work with departments on social distancing protocols for office/work spaces

Basic Qualifications:

· Experience working on set with feature or television production

· Ability to adapt to varying work environments, possesses a strong pro-active work ethic and quickly adapt to new responsibilities

· Ability to escalate issues to the Manager, Safety & Health

· Ability to work well in a team environment

· Good oral and written communication skills

· Proven strong organizational skills including logistics, time management and scheduling

· Must be a people person who can manage with confidence and maintain policy/protocol with crew.

· Must be comfortable speaking to groups and providing training

· Highly creative and driven to problem solve

· Have a willingness to travel and keep a flexible schedule (work on a production schedule)

Preferred Qualifications:

· Basic knowledge of safety and health standards and regulations.

· Proficiency with Microsoft Office Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

· Desire to continue development of technical skills and industry knowledge.

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