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2020 Summer Intern Program - Global Markets - London

Your role

Do you want to help our clients buy and sell equities, foreign currencies, interest rates and credit? On our rotational summer internship you'll get exposure to both Sales & Trading to gain first-hand experience of working on a trading floor. Depending on whether you choose to specialize in Sales or Trading, you'll:

As a Sales Person
- help our clients buy and sell on the phone and using our online systems 
- choose whether to be on a client team, a sales trader 
- (on a client team) be promoting products and trading opportunities to clients based on an in-depth understanding of their needs and investment styles
- (as a sales trader) be the link between clients and traders, giving clients useful information about what’s happening in the markets and executing their trades at the best prices. 

As a trader:
- use our online systems to buy and sell equities, foreign currencies, interest rates and credit
- seek the best prices to execute our clients’ sales orders
- make markets in listed and over-the-counter equities, equity derivatives and equity-linked

Your team

You’ll be working in the Investor Client Services team, looking after professional investors like asset managers and fund managers. You’ll give them advice and do everything that’s needed to buy and sell securities for them. From start to finish. You’ll be able to draw on the strength of our platforms, products, services and people worldwide to give your clients whatever they need.

Your expertise

You need to be in the last two years of your degree and have, or be on track for, a 2:1 or the equivalent in your first undergraduate degree. It doesn’t matter what you’re studying. (Really, it doesn’t.) But we’d like to see evidence that you can: 
- analyze a problem, take a view and come to a decision 
- plan, organize and communicate well 
- make things happen 
- stick with a task 
- work in a team 
- come up with ideas

Perhaps you’ve organized a fundraising event or taken part in team sports? Or persevered and passed an exam in a subject you found challenging? Think about how things you’ve achieved match the skills we’re after.

Your Program

On this 9 week summer program, you’ll be a real part of the team, working with our experts and learning about the industry, our clients, our firm and a specific area of it. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to develop new skills and make contacts. And if you impress us, we might invite you to join our Graduate Talent Program once you’ve graduated.


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