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Willis Towers Watson

2022 BJ Graduate–Actuarial Pension Consulting

The Business

Corporations strive to strike a balance between accumulating capital and the resources to pay for retirement benefits. A strategic investment in the right benefit mix can give our clients the edge needed to recruit and retain the best talent, while helping their employees build the savings they need to retire. At the same time, pension financing represents some of the largest costs and risks to be managed by many companies.

 The Team

Our Retirement team in China advises both Chinese and global multinational companies and their pension funds. Utilizing a combination of strong analytical skills and in-depth market knowledge, we provide analytical and strategic advice on a wide range of topics related to pension solutions, including GAAP actuarial valuation, IPO and company restructuring, merger and acquisition and plan design, implementation and management.

We partner with other Willis Towers Watson businesses and clients around the globe to determine the best approaches to design, fund, govern, administer, invest and communicate retirement programs and their assets.

The Role

This position offers you great opportunities for professional development and competency growth. You will have immediate exposure to real client assignments and meetings which will draw on your imagination and creativity as well as your ability to analyze data, solve problems, develop solutions, and share your results. In this role, you will experience a balance of expanding your technical and industry knowledge, developing your problem solving and communications skills, while benefiting from working in a close-knit and supportive team environment.

Performance Objectives:

  • People
  1. Build relationships internally and collaborate effectively on cross-functional teams;
  2. Demonstrate natural ease and effectiveness when dealing with clients/colleagues at all levels;
  3. Collaborate with others by conveying ideas, issues and information in a fluent and logical manner and providing constructive feedback
  • Clients
  1. Collect and analyses data through market research including in-house and other data sources including public disclosure financial statements;
  2. Prepare letters and reports, client presentations and meetings, and proposals;
  3. Improve efficiency within client teams by identifying ways to improve processes;
  4. Partner with consultants to provide support on client projects involving the design, funding, accounting, implementation and management of a full array of pension programs;
  • Financial
  1. Efficient time management and meet billable hour goal
  2. Assist with sales and marketing efforts
  3. Maintain complete, accurate work papers and documentation, as well as audit trail; 
  • Excellence
  1. Develop a professional approach to handling client issues;
  2. Develop deep technical knowledge and skills;
  3. Contribute to the development of new tools and approaches;
  4. Deliver projects to meet or exceed client expectations

Accepted applicants will be eligible for a comprehensive actuarial exam study program, including paid study hours and exam fees to assist in attaining an accredited actuarial designation.  Associates are also encouraged to pursue other related professional qualifications such as CFA and CPA.

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Financial Management or Business-related fields;
  2. Previous working or long-term internship experiences STRONGLY preferred;
  3. Able to work independently and contribute effectively as a team-player;
  4. Demonstrate commitment to being creative, innovative, flexible and adaptable, focusing on quality solutions, continually improving and being a winner;
  5. Strong analytical skills, problem solving skills, customer focus, attention to details and sensitive to numbers;
  6. Committed to long-term development with flexibility to handle multiple tasks and tight timelines;
  7. Strong computer and desktop research skills using business related applications, e.g. MS-Office (Word, Excel, Access PowerPoint), etc;
  8. Outstanding oral and written communication skills;
  9. Outstanding bilingual capabilities in Chinese and English.

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