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Willis Towers Watson

Carrier Coordinator

Carrier Coordinators are senior associates within the NAC and are expected to be “subject matter experts” (SME’s) in the area of carrier payables.  They should be a strong analytical team member with conflict resolution skills, and are expected to have the skills needed to review a business challenge, research thoroughly and resolve the challenge effectively across all parties (Client Manager/NAC Associate/Carrier).  During this research, they are expected to mentor other associates in the NAC to educate them on “how” to avoid issues in the future as well as develop skills for advanced research on their own.  Carrier Coordinators are expected to be team players, have excellent written and verbal communication, and to build and maintain relationships with the carriers, intermediaries, and sub-brokers.   

Note that visa employment-based non-immigrant visa sponsorship and/or assistance is not offered for this specific job opportunity.

The Role 

•    Support the Field offices, Carriers, Billing, and AR associates as needed to resolve discrepancies and point of escalation for complex carrier payable issues
•    Carrier coordinators manage the carrier payable ledger through review and oversight of payable reports, open activities and carrier cash on account.  They are responsible for resolving items once they have aged to a certain point. 
•    Spot check centralized payable email accounts 
•    Spot check stale –dated checks 
•    Be aware and knowledgeable of all carrier related office specifics for the agencies that you are assigned 
•    Complete Funds Analysis on a monthly basis
•    May be required to perform Carrier Payable tasks in systems as needed

The Requirements

•    High school degree or equivalent required.
•    Minimum 2 years National Accounting Center experience preferred.
•    Insurance Industry knowledge is preferred.
•    Ability to manage work flow and carrier relationships across North America Operations
•    Ability to communicate to off-shore associates in respectful and professional manner 
•    Strong organizational, written and verbal communication skills 
•    Ability to evaluate information against a given standard and prepare, understand, and update written information in work related documents 
•    Ability to work effectively under stress and deadlines 
•    Customer Service skills, excellent interpersonal skills 
•    Critical thinking, analytical, and conflict resolution skills 
•    Knowledge of insurance business and all current related Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) requirements and Willis Towers Watson policies

Equal Opportunity Employer/Vet/Disability

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