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Willis Towers Watson

Catastrophe Modelling

ROLE Catastrophe Modeler/Catastrophe Risk Analyst
DEPARTMENT Reinsurance
OTHER INFORMATION Modeling natural catastrophe exposure is an exciting and rapidly
expanding area of our business. The Catastrophe Analytics team assists
clients and business units worldwide in understanding risk from natural
perils such as windstorm, earthquake and flood etc.
The team is expanding to meet ever growing client demands. Catastrophe
risk analysts will be involved in processing and auditing data, running
insured property portfolios against state-of-the-art third party and
proprietary catastrophe models and synthesizing the results.
Catastrophe Risk Analysts may come from any background, but they
should be able to adopt a methodical approach to problem-solving and be
extremely comfortable with numbers and IT.
ROLE SUMMARY The role requires deep analytical and organizational skills, the
capability to see the wider picture while maintaining an eye for detail,
and the ability to maintain a rigorous process and high quality output
under time pressure.
The ideal candidate should display active and quick self-learning
qualities along with the ability to work in different teams and contribute
to the knowledge sharing and other activities for team and individual
Successful candidates will be degree educated, ideally have knowledge of
the insurance industry and will be confident with computers and figures
This position is based in Thane-India.
RESPONSIBILITES Although the main goal of a catastrophe modeler is to produce
probabilistic estimates of losses to insurance companies due to various
perils including earthquake, windstorm, etc., the other duties and
responsibilities of this position include:
Preparing data for auditing – data cleansing, data checks and
importing data from Excel, text, etc. into SQL Query Analyzer.
Data auditing – creating summary reports of client provided
exposure data including effective data editing in SQL.
Implementing changes to the data following client’s response to
the audit report
Preparing model input files & importing data into models using
assumptions from the audit report
Operating multiple, latest catastrophe models (RiskLink
Modeling for various perils including earthquake, windstorm,
flood, terrorism on property as well as worker’s compensation
exposures (Detailed and Aggregate models)
Preparation of catastrophe modeling reports (loss reports,
reinsurer reports, etc.) including result interpretation

Undertake model sensitivity analysis of catastrophe modeling
Preparation of maps, graphs using various tools like ArcGIS,
Spatial Key, etc. and various other reports using proprietary tools
(iFM, ReCast, etc.).
Lead/assist on simple projects/accounts and communicate
effectively with stakeholders.
Be well versed with basic statistics and terms involved in day to
day to business and use it while discussing with stakeholders.
Understand basic framework of Catastrophe Models and use it
while creating reports and during discussions with stakeholders.
Code basic reinsurance treaties in models and enter basic
reinsurance terms.

Bachelor's degree

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