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Willis Towers Watson

ITQE Intern

ITQE  Intern


• Perform tests: such as regression, integration, platform and performance tests to confirm the stability of software systems.
• Present demos and answer questions at the end of a sprint if necessary.
• Report and fix bugs. They track bugs using programs like JIRA.
• Work collaboratively with other team members on activities such as:
o Help the team create data preparation, including file creation.
o Perform and coordinate regression tests.
o Record defects and identify course of action and conduct preliminary root cause analysis.
o Support the development of recommendations
• Use automation tools

• 6 months of testing experience (not mandatory)
• 6 months of experience with SQL
• Experience developing automation scripts.
• Interest in developing in the specialty of Software Quality
• Knowledge of Software Testing: knowledge of the phases and approaches of the tests, functional tests, regression, integration.


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