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Willis Towers Watson

Rewards Analyst - Tokyo

The Business


a TMa ^1a |a cm"c^1"a ae^ e--a -aEUR a a a ~a &af a a00a Ya |a ef1/2aS>a,"a,^1a,af"a ~af'af-a,(c)af1/4afzaf3a,^1a "a-|a 3a -a, a 3/4a TMaEUR, a,|a,-afaa,^1af"a, af-af1/4a,0af-af^a,1/2af3a -aEUR e^2"c"~a-3/4aS^1aezoea e|3c,^1a,'e. a 3/4a ^a -a -a00ae a e (c)ae e (c)ae%EURa,'a Yc 3/4a -aEUR a,-af(c)a,-a,-af3af^a1/4 aeYANa c-3/4a"|a a Sa0'a "a "aeoe%ae(c)Ycs"a "a -a aa a,SaEUR ae" ae-^2a ~c"Yc"GBPaeEUR&a,'e"~a, a,%a, a,a aa "a00ae e -a ea^2e| a,'c%^1a sa -a 3/4a TMaEUR,

The Role

 afaaf-af1/4af%a,-afSafaa,^1af^a -a -a 3/4a -a 3/4a aa +/-e...-a "e--eEURGBPa -a Yaf-afa,.a,&a,-af^a,"ea aeY"a "e--a, a,Sa 3/4a TMaEUR, a,3af3a,maf"a, af3af^a a,,a ~a &a,-af(c)a,-a,-af3af^a xa -aEUR a a af a,&affa,-a,"ae-oee~1/4a,'e| a "a 3/4a TMaEUR,a 3/4a YaEUR Excela aa (c)a af"af1/4af"a,"afxa,-afZafa,.af1/4a,'ae~"c"~a -aEUR af+af1/4a, a a^xaez a,"a +/-a'Sae>.a a1/2oeae^ a,'a Yae-1/2a -a 3/4a TMaEUR,cm e~"a,'c(c) a aEUR a,^a,Sa-sa a a(o),e-EURcYYANe~a,'a3/4-a aa a,%aEUR a,-af(c)a,-a,-af3af^a a."e| ca"a GBPa ~a aa GBPa Ya,SaEUR a -a,%a "a -a-&a a aaf-afa,.a,&a,-af^a afzaf af1/4a,.afGBPaf1/4a ~a -a |ae~"e0 a &a a,
a"GBPe|~cs"a aaf-afa,.a,&a,-af^a3/4

Performance Objectives:

People & Clients

  • c%^1a sa -a, a Ya, af1/4a,^2affaf^aeYANc- af"a "a1/4sc%a "a -a "a |aEUR aeYANc- a^YANea aeY"a,"ae-(o)e| ae|^a" a cTM0aeZ~c%a,'a Ye| a TMa,<
  • e3+ae-TMa1/2oeae^ a,'a "a, i1/4^af-af-a,1/4af3e3+ae-TMaEUR af'af3af-af-affaf^c%i1/4%aEUR a00a0
  • ae-(o)e| af"e|
  • a +/-e...-a,maf1/4afTMa,-af"af1/4af"a,"a,1/2af-af^a,|a,&a,-a aa (c)a,'a1/2 c"~a -aEUR a,.af&af-af-af(c)a,-a,-af3a,(o)a,"a,3af3a,maf"afxa,GBPaf3a,(o)af-afa,.a,&a,-af^a "a ,aS

The Requirements

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