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Worldpay from FIS

Optimisation Manager

Why is this your next step?
In this role you will be a part of the Global eCommerce division, which is the engine-room of Worldpay’s global growth. We make it so that our eCommerce clients have more reach, get more revenue and be more responsive. How we do this? We pair our industry leading scale with unmatched, pioneering integrated technology and deep vertical expertise. As an Optimisation Manager you will deliver positive opportunities for both Worldpay and its customers through the improvement of how key merchants’ payments processing is configured.

How you will contribute?
You will be key in leveraging our data to analyse the best practice for a payment and the optimal choice of processing, based on geography, security etc. You will start with an in-depth analysis of the current way payment processing is done for some of our biggest clients and compare that to industry and internal best practices.
From there you will identify opportunities to improve the process altogether, whether that be for acceptance rates, lower fees among other things. From there you will build knowledge on various optimisation techniques and look at where else you can apply them – e.g. are there any Tier 2 merchants that are at the right level to benefit from an optimisation. You will also be responsible for tracking the effective changes and work with the Relationship Managers to follow up on the benefits your optimisations have realised.

Why you?
Your main strengths will be applying creative analytical skills to the solution of business problems. Along with that you will be a strong in data manipulation – SQP, Excel and dashboarding are essential to this role. Beyond the pure numbers you will also have a commercial mind-set where you are able to identify trends and drivers and action accordingly.
You will be an influential relationship-builder and be able to express your ideas in a clear and compelling way so that others can see where the improvements are clearly.

Join the Team.
We lift economies and communities by advancing the way the world pays, banks and invests.
Since our two companies came together, Worldpay has formed the Merchant Solutions division of FIS. We call it “Worldpay, from FIS”. In the time you’ve taken to read this one sentence, our platforms have processed over 8,000 transactions and this number grows daily. Join us now to realise your own future growth and success.
FIS stays ahead of how the world is evolving to power businesses, across merchants, banking and capital markets, to outpace today’s fast-changing competitive landscape and help our clients run, grow and achieve more for their business.
We want all our people to bring their very best self into work, and that means balancing priorities and passions, at work and at home. We create teams without barriers, fostering creativity and innovation - behaviours that we value in everything we do.


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