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Worldpay from FIS

Senior Data Engineer

Why is this your next step?

Project: EDP - Enterprise Data Platform
EDP is a Hadoop platform that uses HortonWorks pack. Currently it has two clusters with over 120 knots each. The initial purpose was to be used in reporting for NAP (New Aquiring Platform), an operational source system.
 Subsequently, the rumor circulated within Worldpay and more and more teams became interested in using EDP to report.

How you will contribute?
We can look at EDP as a data warehouse / reporting tool for Worldpay.
The sources of ingestion (Oracle, Microsoft Sql Server, flatfile, MySql, etc.) are different:
- daily ingestion, directly querying the source (sqoop)
- NRT (near real time) - using streaming tolls (Kafka)
- CDC (change data capture) - using Attunity
- etc.
After data ingestion in data_lake, we also have a reporting layer (CAR - Combined Aquiring Reports), maintained by us, largely SQL transformations of data_lake, denormalizations, aggregations and other calculations required by the business.

Why you?
Your skill set will be:
  • Advanced level on SQL
  • Strong ETL / Data Warehouse skills;
  • Strong UNIX shell scripting skills;
  • Good data modeling skills (relational and dimensional);
  • Good analytics skills, working experience with data warehouse and complex reporting solutions;
  • Experience with Jira and Confluence;
  • Experience with versioning systems (ideally Git);
  • Interest in learning and working with new technologies

Join the Team.
We lift economies and communities by advancing the way the world pays, banks and invests.
Since our two companies came together, Worldpay has formed the Merchant Solutions division of FIS. We call it “Worldpay, from FIS”. In the time you’ve taken to read this one sentence, our platforms have processed over 8,000 transactions and this number grows daily. Join us now to realise your own future growth and success.
FIS stays ahead of how the world is evolving to power businesses, across merchants, banking and capital markets, to outpace today’s fast-changing competitive landscape and help our clients run, grow and achieve more for their business.
We want all our people to bring their very best self into work, and that means balancing priorities and passions, at work and at home. We create teams without barriers, fostering creativity and innovation - behaviours that we value in everything we do.


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