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myGwork is far more than a website and social network.

 myGwork is a movement representative of the professional LGBT community and its members who want to work and live in a truly diverse and inclusive environment. 

myGwork celebrates the businesses and organisations of any size that are passionate about LGBT diversity and inclusion. It is accessible to those who still have some work to do and exists to help them understand how being an inclusive employer can have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Diversity and Inclusion is not just an internal or an HR buzzword, it underpins the very ethos of a company: the value a company places on its employees and the respect it gives to each person’s individuality is reflected in the way that company conducts its business.  

Whilst many organisations in the UK have woken up to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, no one has yet brought it all under one roof. The economic impact of LGBT people, both as employees and consumers, and their place at the table in the issue of equality can no longer be ignored.

Offline networks do exist but they operate independently.  There is rarely an opportunity for cross-business and cross-industry networking and knowledge sharing amongst LGBT organisations and we strive to provide a solution for that. 

myGwork seeks to be the UK’s leading hub for the LGBT professional community:  a one-stop resource in the promotion of diversity and inclusion, job search, news, views and networking for the LGBT.

Memberships for Professionals and Graduates

Our individual membership is completely FREE! Members' profiles are NOT searchable through search engines to preserve your privacy. Join more than  60, 000 professionals NOW!

Memberships for Organisations

What do we offer to employers and recruiters?

- Find talents by looking through our members’ profiles and CVs

- Post job offers to find the best candidates amongst our members: our HR expertise means that we can provide you with the best candidates

- Attract highly qualified LGBT professionals and graduate students from top universities 

-A platform to share your diversity & inclusion initiatives

-A place to learn from other companies about their initiatives and to promote LGBT professional networking events and associations


Membership Price

£ 2 000
Job Posting 25
1 blog Post Yes


Membership Price

£ 5 000
Job Posting

Featured Organisation of the Week

1 Article in a Major LGBT Magazine

Referenced as Premium Partner in all marketing material 



Membership Price

£ 10, 000
Job Posting

Featured Organisation of the Week

2 Articles in a Major LGBT Magazine

Promotional Video Yes

Referenced as Premium Partner in all marketing material 



1 Job Post

£ 125
5 Job Posting Package
£ 509 
**Prices all VAT excl. 

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We are an inclusive network and we work with organisations to make sure the largest number can join myGwork and offer employment to our candidates.