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Building and Repairing the Brain Conference

Due to COVID-19, this conference has been postponed to 2021 but let's keep discussions going! Join us for the Building and Repairing the Brain - digital talks on October 8, 2020! More information

COVID-19 information


  • ​​​​​​​Modeling human brain and neural retina development from pluripotent stem cells
  • Programming and maintenance of cell identity in the CNS
  • Decoding CNS complexity with single-cell resolution
  • Development-inspired reprogramming of the brain


The brain is the most complex and fascinating organ of the body. Recent advances have elucidated the rules that establish and maintain cellular diversity in the central nervous system but also highlighted unprecedented plasticity in the capacity of brain cells to reprogram their identity. Key progress in stem cell biology and directed differentiation has provided new experimental models to gain a mechanistic understanding of human brain and retina development and pathology. At this meeting, we will broadly cover recent insights into brain and retina development with a focus on new genome wide tools to understand these biological processes at single-cell resolution and will discuss how these inform new strategies for CNS repair.

This conference adjoins with the Adult Neurogenesis 2021 meeting (October 4-6, 2021). 


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