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Building and Repairing the Brain - digital talks


  • Modelling human neural tube development and the power of microfluidics 
  • Migration disorders in human cerebral organoids
  • In vivo modelling of human neuron dynamics and what happens when they turn awry
  • Reprogramming epilepsy by glia-to-neuron conversion


This digital event reflects the broad spectrum of exciting developments in the field of early brain development and adult brain repair. We start out by discussing experimental systems that recapitulate the molecular processes leading to patterning of the developing human brain. Next, we learn about the intricate interactions between radial glia and young neurons that may go awry causing cortical malformations. Moving from the dish to in vivo, we will be introduced to xenotransplant models to study the development and plasticity of human neurons in vivo and how this can be employed to learn about neurodevelopmental disorders. Finally, we will discuss innovative strategies for brain repair based on glia-to-neuron conversion in the context of temporal lobe epilepsy.  All in all, much more than a teaser for the in-person Building and Repairing the Brain conference on October 6-8, 2021 in Dresden, Germany. Stay tuned!

Scientific organizer

Confirmed speakers

  • Silvia Cappello (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Germany)
    Following neuronal trajectories in the developing brain​​
  • Vincenzo De Paola (Imperial College London, UK)
    In vivo modelling of human cortical circuit wiring and dysfunction
  • Agnete Kirkeby (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) 
    Modelling and repairing the human brain with stem cells
  • Christophe Heinrich (SBRI - INSERM, France)
    ​In vivo reprogramming of glial cells into induced neuron: A new avenue for brain repair 


Participation is free, however, registration is required. 



  • Date: October 8, 2020
  • Start: 7:00am PST | 10:00am EST | 3:00pm BST | 4:00pm CEST
  • Finish: 8:45am PST | 11:45am EST | 4:45pm BST | 5:45pm CEST

* Please note, these times are subject to change.

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