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Discover St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy

Aimed at those looking to understand a little more about the St. James Place Financial Adviser Academy, this introductory event will give you everything you need. 

With a varied line up, you’ll hear about the amazing market opportunity, what it’s like to be a financial adviser or business owner, what the qualifications might entail and a whole lot more. 

You’ll hear from experts on how we train and support people just like you. You’ll also hear from those that have been in exactly your position and how, through the Financial Adviser Academy, they have gone on to build successful careers and businesses. 

We’re delighted to also have best-selling author, Liz Whittaker, with us. She’ll be talking about the ‘power of personal’ and how you can best use your network.

This promises to be an informative, interactive session, where you can ask questions, giving you everything you need to make an informed decision about your future.

Changing careers may sound daunting but with the St. James’s Place Academy, we’ve supported hundreds of people just like you to make the smooth transition to becoming a successful financial adviser.

This event would be suitable for people living in the United Kingdom.

We host virtual and in-person events, where guests will hear from several speakers about the opportunity at St. James's Place Academy.

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