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The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Lesbophobia, and Transphobia is a chance to share and recognise the systemic challenges facing our community, and what can be done to overcome them. Join our panel as they share their experiences of LGBTQphobia and discuss what more we can do to stand together as allies to overcome the barriers others would put in our way.  


  • Dilraj Sura
    Dilraj Sura
    Commercial Insights Partner (Respiratory)
    I have been working in the healthcare industry for over 5 years, with much of that time spent at GSK. I have worked in various roles across manufacturing, R&D, commercial and HR, providing excellence in insightful data visualisation and powerful storytelling, advocating data-driven evidence-based decision-making, underpinned by robust data science, effective consulting and the procurement of best in class data. I have been a leader of our LGBTQ+ employee resource group, Spectrum, since 2017, helping drive the LGBTQ+ agenda while working at sites in Hertfordshire and County Durham, before joining our UK Leadership Team in July 2019. I am extremely passionate and fascinated about people, and exploring the "intersectionalities" that we all exhibit (or often, don't), on a day to day basis, more so how they lend ourselves to experiences we may not have when these don't interact. I believe we all should be allowed to truly express our true selves, all the time. I also work very closely with our Allies at GSK, trying to tap into what is essentially, a big majority of people who are often "passive/positive" allies, to step up and step "out" to do more to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, visibility and inclusion. Lastly, a big passion of mine is mentoring. I've recently decided to become an LGBTQ+ mentor through myGwork, as I look to extend where my experiences can be most useful, beyond the graduates and placement students within the workplace. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time playing and watching football (you can read my article "LGBT and Sports" on myGwork's LinkedIn page, aswell as my profile), as well as travelling (I managed to get in some trips to Reykjavik, Porto, Madrid and Valencia before lock down). I've recently gotten a lot more into running and cycling (now that I've sold my car!).
  • Coach Elys
    Coach Elys
    Healthy Lifestyle Coach, NLP MP, Entrepreneur
    Life Coach, NLP MP, Entrepreneur. Bisexual, mixed-race Italian woman living in Portugal, Elisabetta is ready to provide you with the success principles and winning mindset to create empowering habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease. As Circle Leader at Diversity & Inclusion - Lean In Portugal, she seeks to raise awareness on social themes such as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, through promoting real actions.
  • Emma Underwood
    Emma Underwood
    Community Activist/Public Speaker
    With eight years of experience in community organising and activism, there is one thing I am committed to above all else - ensuring real, tangible change for the communities I work with. As an out trans woman of several years, I use my experiences not just as personal stories, but as ways of creating progress, helping to drive home the need for change on a systemic level in many parts of our society. I have worked with a number of fellow activists and organisations in order to do so, and have worked closely with governmental bodies to enact change on areas including Gender Recognition Act reform, and the Bell vs. Tavistock court case.
  • Michelle Matteson
    Michelle Matteson
    Vice President; Employee Financial Services Divisional Leader
    Bank of America
    Michelle Matteson has worked for Bank of America for over 24 years. Michelle is a member of the Employee Financial Services team within Bank of America. In this role Michelle is aligned to 28 licensed Investment Financial Solutions Advisors that provide support to over 33,000 employees throughout 9 States within the Northeast Division of the United States. Michelle is also a member of Bank of America's LGBTQ+ Enterprise Training team where she actively develops and participates in panel events that focus on education and experience within the LGBTQ+ Community. Michelle joined Bank of America in 1998. Throughout her career with the bank, Michelle has held roles in Consumer, Small Business, Investment Banking, Lending and Marketing. Michelle's primary career focus has been working in roles that support driving performance management. Michelle resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her wife of 17 years Tanya, 3 dogs, and 2 African Grey Parrots. Michelle has been out at work since joining the company, and believes it is an absolute must to bring your whole authentic self to work.
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