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Immunometabolism: Fundamentals to Prospective New Therapies

The immunometabolism field continues to provide fascinating insights into the role of metabolites in controlling immune effector responses in both host defense and inflammation. Our knowledge of how metabolic reprogramming can directly govern immune cell responses is continuing to grow with new therapeutic possibilities on the horizon. Discussion topics will include:

  • Metabolic control of inflammation
  • Mitochondrial metabolism and cancer immunity
  • Therapeutic targeting of metabolic processes
  • Fundamental targeting of metabolic processes​
  • Scientific organizers​

    Key opinion leaders

    • Ana Domingos (University of Oxford, UK)
      • 'Sympathetic neuroimmunometabolism'
    • Vamsi Mootha (Harvard Medical School/Howard Hughes Medical Institute, US)
      • 'Mitochondria, oxygen, and human disease'
    • Erika Pearce(Johns Hopkins University/Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, US)
      • 'The role of mitochondria in regulating T cell differentiation and function'
    • Jonathan Powell (Calico, US)
      • 'Some T effector cells just GOT1 it (and some don't)'

    Short talk speakers

    • ​​Remsha Afzal (Royal College of Surgeons,  Ireland)
      • 'Mitochondrial Arginase-2 regulates IL-10 mediated metabolic reprogramming in inflammatory macrophages'
    • ​Megan Hanlon (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
      • 'Distinct metabolic myeloid profiles in Rheumatoid Arthritis'


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