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Impact of social distancing and isolation on LGBT+ populations

Panel discussion with Keynote from Professor Rusi Jaspal CPsychol FBPsS FRSPH

This international panel explores the impact of confinement, isolation, and social distancing on the mental health and wellbeing LGBTQ+ population.  It offers a range of perspectives from the latest academic research in the field of psychology to the front line counselling.

  • The panel discussion will cover and promote understanding of:
  • The latest research on identity processes
  • LGBTQ+ mental health, wellbeing and support'
  • Socio-demographic inequality and neighbourhood safety
  • The differentiated impact on a range of sexual orientations and gender identities 

  • Practical support needed to support LGBTQ+ young people  

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  • Laila El-Metoui
    Laila El-Metoui
    Equity Educator -Stonewall Lesbian Role Model of the Year (2020)
    Equality Educator | Stonewall Lesbian Role Model 2020 | Helping leaders foster inclusive & diverse workplaces through training and consultancy | Founder of Pride in Education and Educating OUT Racism, UK Queer Arabs and Proud London Councils
  • Meg-John Barker
    Meg-John Barker
    Independent scholar
    Meg-John Barker is the author of a number of popular books on sex, gender, and relationships, including Queer: A Graphic History, Gender: A Graphic Guide, How To Understand Your Gender, Life Isn’t Binary, Enjoy Sex (How, When, and IF You Want To), Rewriting the Rules, The Psychology of Sex, and The Secrets of Enduring Love. They have also written a number of books for scholars and counsellors on these topics, drawing on their own research and therapeutic practice. Websites:, Twitter: @megjohnbarker, Instagram: @meg_john_barker.
  • Delphine Bruch
    Delphine Bruch
    Young person's counsellor
    Metro charity
  • Kate Webb
    Kate Webb
    Deputy Ceo
    MindOut LGBTQ Mental Health service
    I am an experienced Third Sector manager, trainer and business development professional with a background in mental health and wellbeing. I am passionate about LGBTQ equality, positive mental health and visibility and am proud to work for a brilliant organisation that lives and breathes the changes that we need to see. In my current role as Deputy CEO, my focus is on working closely with the MindOut community to make the organisation healthy, vibrant and focused on the needs and concerns of LGBTQ people to improve and sustain their wellbeing. I am also keen to grow our training offer - LGBTQ Inclusion and Trans awareness to organisations and individuals nationally. Our goal is to reduce health inequalities and make LGBTQ lives better.
  • M
    Dustin Duncan
    Dustin Duncan
    Associate Professor
    Columbia University
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