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Law and Race with Dr Nubia

Led by our Cultural Diversity Network Co-Chair Vin Bange, we are hosting a discussion on the topic of race, history and law with pioneering historian and friend of Taylor Wessing's, Dr Onyeka Nubia. We'll be exploring historical case studies that reveal the history of laws, and law making, as a tool for equality and inequality. Dr Nubia will be sharing his insightful stories and experiences having spent the past 30 years exploring cultural identity and resistance to oppression. 
We'll also be taking the opportunity to reflect on the progress we've made a year on from launching our first Race and Ethnicity Strategy. Our ongoing relationship with Dr Nubia is very much a key part of this and we're keen to also bring our clients into these conversations to share progress and bring about tangible change.  
We hope you'll be able to join us for what promises to be a fascinating discussion.
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