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Preventing Burnout

Coach & Learning expert, David Liversage is delighted to be teaming up with myGwork to deliver a series of workshops to help you with career development and personal growth.

David spent the first half of his career in marketing communications working for large media and advertising agencies, such as Omnicom, leading teams. His passion for helping people grow led to the second part of his career as a coach, learning and people development professional, running his own consultancy, working with clients such as Mr&Mrs Smith, London Evening Standard, Harper Collins and ITV.

You will learn:

- How to spot the signs of stress

- Balancing stretch and challenge without getting overloaded

- How to establish healthy boundaries with those you work with

- How to keep your energy account in credit

- How to ask for help when you need it

- Practical self-care tips


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    David Liversage
    David Liversage
    Personal/Exec Coach & People Development Consultanty
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