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Rising Challenges in Immunology: Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases

With the current COVID-19 crisis and the increasing incidence of autoimmune disorders worldwide, research into basic and translational immunology is as vital as ever.

Join us this June for a series of interactive digital sessions dedicated to the latest breakthroughs in immunology, focusing on pressing challenges in respiratory infections (with an emphasis on COVID-19) and autoimmune diseases. These sessions will also cover recent trends in the emerging areas of immunobiology, including immunometabolism, stromal and mucosal immunology.

Gain insights into approaches impacting the field with talks from thought leaders across industry and academia, and opportunities to discuss key topics in live Q&A sessions.


Galit Alter, Harvard Medical School, USA

Jake Galson, Alchemab Therapeutics, UK

Julian Hiscox, University of Liverpool, UK

Paul Kellam, Kymab, UK


Kovilen Sawmynaden, LifeArc, UK

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