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St. James’s Place Academy: Career Returners Virtual Event for Women

The Academy provides women who have left work either through choice or redundancy, who want to take more control of their work/life balance, or want a complete change in career direction, with a financially and personally rewarding career alternative.

Initial training will take place virtually, providing a National opportunity with no travel required.

This event will address the entrepreneurial spirit of women and look at how more and more women are choosing to leave the corporate world to run their own business. We are delighted that a third (36%) of the current recruits across the Academy are women, and this is growing year-on-year and is substantially more than the national average of women who provide financial advice in the UK.

During the event, we will highlight the opportunities the Academy has provided to a number of women which has enabled them to take control of their working lives and lead the way, running their own business. Additionally, some women have taken the route of working for one of our many successful Practices as an Adviser.

You will also benefit from a Women Returners coaching workshop on preparing for your return to work.

Join us to find out everything you want to know about a new career in wealth management.

The St. James’s Place Academy is partnering with Women Returners to host an exclusive event for women looking for a new career opportunity in wealth management.

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