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The Power of Allyship

In an intersectional workplace - and world - allyship is multifaceted. Asking ourselves what we can do to support others in our office to overcome barriers placed in their way is part of building strong bonds and relationships that promote better working conditions. 

We'll be joined by allies of the LGBTQ+ community, discussing the work they've been doing and exploring how we can take these principles and learn from them. Inside the LGBTQ+ or beyond, we all can learn from allies on how to better lift one another up!

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    Jessica Chu
    Jessica Chu
    Group Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement
    RS Components
    Australian born and bred, I arrived in London in 1999 for a six month back-packing holiday and loved it so much, decided to stay! I have spent the last 20 years working in the Financial Services sector across a number of disciplines and for the last decade I've specialised in leading diversity and inclusion programmes at leading banks and now at RS Components a global digital and engineering organisation. As the Group Head of D&I, I am responsible for delivering work that has a real impact on our people and communities we operate in. What I love most is the breadth of my role and the fact that no two days are ever the same! I have two young children, who keep me extra busy when not at work. As a family we love to spend time at the park, having picnics, riding bikes and jumping on the trampoline. I also love to cook, garden, watch movies and read.
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    Georgina Crockford
    Georgina Crockford
    Talent Acquisition Specialist
    I'm a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Enterprise rent a car and have been in the company for 10 years! I effectively sell our numerous and varied job vacancies and our company ethos. I also head up the EnterPRIDE Committee at our European HQ. EnterPRIDE is our LGBTQ+ network and it's been running for many years now. It's a united platform for our LGBTQ+ staff and their allies to connect, network and socialize to help in building a more inclusive environment for everyone. I'm an ally inside and outside of work. I have always felt passionate about equality and believe that we need to be all-inclusive. People should be free to be who they want to be, and for that reason, I felt encouraged to be an LGBTQ+ ally.
  • Niv Ben-Yehuda
    Niv Ben-Yehuda
    Senior Business analyst
    Senior business analyst with a world leader in satellite communication. I am the chair of Pride - our LGBTQ+ network supported by the highest executive level. Our motto - is Proud to Be, Proud to Support. Very open environment to work in and support for the LGBTQ+ community, especially at this time of difficulty.
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    Omo Ogbomo-Williams
    Omo Ogbomo-Williams
    Sr. HR Talent Manager, Diversity Equity and Inclusion
    Bio's have never been my strong suit, so bear with me! I consider myself to be a highly curious and empathetic person. I think that's what drew me to a my career in DEI and HR. I love people and learning what makes them tick. In my current role, I focus on DEI as it relates to industry partnerships and talent. I also hold an undergraduate degree in Organizational Communication and a Master's in Human Resources. Outside of work, I love the outdoors and try to get to nature whenever I can. I am also an avid reader and lover of reality tv.
  • Ann Centis (She/Her)
    Ann Centis (She/Her)
    Principal People Business Partner
    I am a Human Resources professional who is passionate about creating a workplace where everyone can bring their authentic, true selves to work and thrive...where everyone understands that diversity, equity and inclusion is the right thing to do and will make us all better and stronger, as individuals, communities and organizations. I am proud to be a team member at Finastra where we are striving to be the most loved and inclusive FinTech on the planet!
  • Brae DeRocher
    Brae DeRocher
    Senior Project Manager II / Chief of Operations for FIS PRIDE
    In my prior life, I served 8 years in the US Military as a Military Police officer. I graduated from Champlain College in 2018 with a degree in Psychology. However, during my time in college, I also worked full-time at a psychiatric hospital, worked on implementations of diversity trainings within colleges and Vermont State facilities, mentored faculty, staff and students in Diversity Trainings, volunteered my free time at Vermont Pride Center where I created a group for transgender alliances and outreach. In 2020, I got into my PhD for psychology and ultimately declined it. I made a 180 career change and work in business for FIS now. Within FIS I am a senior project manager working for technology development and as volunteer, I am Chief of Operations for our Pride Network within FIS. In my spare time outside of my career, I am a lifestyle and fitness coach for the LGBTQ+ community and others!
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    Annique Simpson
    Annique Simpson
    Internal Communications Manager
    Taylor Wessing LLP
    Annique Simpson is an award-winning internal communications business partner with experience spanning property, telecommunications, banking, and healthcare. She holds a BSc in Psychology, a journalism postgraduate diploma, and a CIPR Internal Communications postgraduate certificate. Her interest areas include change communications, measurement and evaluation, event management and all things content. She has won several awards for her work, including the Moorfields Eye Charity Award for Innovation, Education and Research (2016). She also received the runner-up prize for the CIPR Inside’s Future Leader Award (2017) after only one year in industry. Annique is a published music journalist and has a monthly blog exploring communications through a psychology lens. She spends the rest of her free time listening to music, going to gigs (pre-COVID), playing her piano or hanging out on Twitter.
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