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Virtual Interviewing Skills

This new Inclusive Group product was the brainchild of seeing first-hand how complex virtual interviewing is for adolescents and young professionals. These generations have been bought up in a digital world, living on screens for social life, and now for their education, but to have little to no experience of projecting themselves professionally to higher educational opportunities and employers within the Corporate and Public Sector.

Our global cross sector client base has given us feedback in 2020 of how underwhelmed they are by the virtual interview capability of young people and we all now know how critical personal profile, projection and soft skills are, in a virtual and soon to be hybrid world of work.

Elevating both your point and your presence in a Zoom, Skype, or similar virtual meeting, requires not only engaging in video conference-friendly tactics but also disabusing yourself of potentially detrimental misconceptions about the medium.

We know what we are talking about- last month Inclusive Group was recognised as one of the Top 10 Diversity Consultancies Globally by the Global Diversity List 2020 we are platforming with Hillary Clinton and other world leaders in March at the SHE Conference.

Over 20 years we have worked with over one million global professionals.

Virtual Interview Skills

This 45 min workshop is highly interactive, experiential and the key output is boosting virtual capability.

We focus on interpersonal skills, communication; eye contact, voice, framing, self-awareness, virtual social clues, social and cultural norms, distraction, emotions, habits use of chat room function all wrapped round enhancing emotional intelligence.

It’s important to know we are not teaching competence in the subject or job -that’s the individual’s responsibility - we are helping develop proficiency in a virtual world.

The session is our signature style-interactive, experiential, skills based and psychologically safe.

Content covers

· Asking questions

· Confidence with humility

· Environment

· Profile projection

· Body language

· Tech set up

· Background

· Dress


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    Sasha Scott
    Sasha Scott
    Inclusive Group
    Sasha Scott runs the Inclusive Group team and is considered an international thought-leader on diversity, bias, inclusivity and managing psychological health.
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