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WorkPride - Community-in-focus panels for ethnicity: South Asian

With the increasing awareness around intersectionality and its importance, this community-in-focus series of panels on ethnicity explores how our identity combines with ethnicity and the resulting challenges and lived experiences this creates. With a particular focus on South Asian communities, this discussion will cover topics including:

- What it means to be LGBTQ+ and South Asian

- Identity challenges faced by people of South Asian descent

- Challenges faced by the South Asian diaspora

- The impact of being out in a South Asian family

- The lived experiences of South Asian communities during Covid-19

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  • Gurchaten Sandhu
    Gurchaten Sandhu
    Born to Indian migrant parents in the UK, Gurchaten (Nanoo) Sandhu (he/his; they/them) is a Programme Support Officer at the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work Branch. Alongside his B.A. (HONS) in Economics and MSc in Development Economics, his passion for social justice has led him to focus his efforts on promoting the principle of non-discrimination in employment and occupation. Over the past 12 years, Gurchaten has built his expertise and knowledge on promoting social justice through quality, decent and inclusive work for all, in particular to enhance LGBTIQ+ rights at work and economic inclusion. He also finds the time to volunteer as President for UN GLOBE, the group representing LGBTIQ+ staff in the UN system. As its President, he works to ensure the voice and rights of LGBTI staff are represented in UN policies and procedures. He also serves as committee member of International Family Equality Day NGO, advising on non-discrimination based on family status in the world of work, and is a fellow of the Salzburg Global LGBT forum. In 2018 & 2019, he was listed as the Top 30 OUTstanding Role Model in the Public Sector.
  • Sham Majevadia
    Sham Majevadia
    Project Specialist, HR
    Levi Strauss & Co.
    Experienced HR professional with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel, retail and fashion industry. Focuses on Talent Acquisition and HR Projects.
  • Roshni Hainsworth
    Roshni Hainsworth
    UK Governance Leader and Global co-chair of Mercer Pride
    I am a pensions professional and the UK Governance Leader in Mercer's Wealth business. I have been a co-chair for Mercer's Pride BRG for two years and I was the UK co-chair before that. I'm passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion for all.
  • M
    Deepak Toppinkatti (He/Him/His)
    Deepak Toppinkatti (He/Him/His)
    Principal Engineer
    Deepak is out and proud at his work. He did his masters in Bio-Informatics from Puna College. With total 12+ years of working Experience in Health-Care research Industry, Currently he is working with Parexel.He is instrumental in delivering various projects and initiatives. He is passionate fitness enthusiastic and Wellness Coach. Outside of his work, Deepak is an avid swimmer and runner. He has completed five half marathons and a triathlon. His love for ocean conservation is matched only by his passion for travel and living balanced Life. At his work he take pride in Gay gender and work closely for LGBTQ+ diversity inclusion !
  • M
    Reet Singh
    Reet Singh
    Founder of QSI/ Law Student/ Influencer
    Hello, I’m Reet, she/they, a pansexual law student from India. I have great writing skills, be it creative or professional/ academic. I also believe I’m cut out for the roles of acting and modelling. I have a small company called Queer Spot India which will be a global platform with solutions in matters of real estate, medical aid, legal aid, mental health support and employment opportunities; but this is stagnant right now because of lack of funds and a proper team, PLEASE PLEASE reach out if you’d like to be a part of this or contribute in any way. I’m also working on a wlw fiction novel based in India, do reach out if you’d like to talk about that. Other than that, I have a particular niche of films that I love and I’m also a big fan of a few selective genres of music. I’m a left-leaning heavy supporter of causes like feminism, pro choice, dalit rights, asian lives matter, black lives matter, stand with Palestine, pro lgbtq+ rights, animal rights, human rights, Tibetan independence (and some more that I can’t remember right now, but I’m sure you get the idea).
  • Dillon Anderiesz
    Dillon Anderiesz
    Associate Director
    Macquarie Group
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