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WorkPride - Focus Panels for Industries: Tech

Our focus panels for industries explore the challenges and opportunities related to workplace equality specific to the tech industry. Key topics of discussion will cover:

- Progress made towards workplace equality: Successful inclusion practices and learnings from the industry

- Challenges and barriers to workplace equality

- What it’s like to be LGBTQ+ in the tech industry

- The impact of Covid-19 on the tech industry

- The current recruitment outlook

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  • Kirstie Storrie
    Kirstie Storrie
    Global Technology Project Manager
    “A highly motivated, adaptable and responsible professional with strong interpersonal skills gained through multiple roles within Global Technology over the past 16+ years. A strong and empathetic people manager who plays an invaluable role in several diversity and inclusiveness initiatives. Described as an authentically present and true EY brand ambassador. A people person who gives time freely to help make a better working world for colleagues. Co-Chair of Unity Scotland and Unity Ambassador within EY Technology.” I’m currently working as a Project Manager within Global Technology and used to have a focus on DEI but have moved into more of an Infrastructure based role. I have one mentee from a different global location and work with them and am passionate about helping them meet their full potential. This became even more important during the past year and along with other Leads in my team we have established regular touchpoints to ensure our team are thriving and not suffering through what has been a difficult period. I was nominated in 2021, 2022 and now for 2023 for the Unity LGBT+ Awards as a Person with Purpose, Inspirational Role Model and being Visible and Vocal. These are a recognition of efforts that I make to work beyond the parameters of my EY role to support and contribute to the Unity Network, and the wider community. I received praise for being inspirational in the way that I think, lead and act. I’m proud that I was recognised as a role model by embracing different perspectives, promoting diversity and uplifting others.
  • M
    Belton Flournoy
    Belton Flournoy
    Managing Director
    In addition to being a Managing Director in Protiviti’s Technology & Digital consulting practice, Belton is founder of Protiviti UK's LGBT+ group, which won best LGBT+ network in 2019 by the Inclusive Tech Alliance. Belton was shortlisted as a top 10 inspirational business leader in 2020 by the British LGBT+ awards, was recently listed as #18 on Yahoo Finance’s Top 100 Future Leaders, #15 on Yahoo Finance’s Top 100 Ethnic Minority Leaders and was featured on the top UK Black Role models, presented by Google. Belton was co-founder of Pride in the City with Pride in London where he ran a Mayor backed initiative dedicated to increasing diversity and inclusivity across London businesses.  In January 2021, Belton joined The Inclusion Initiative (TII) at the London School of Economics as an Advisory Board Member supporting their three-year innovative partnership programme bringing together research and practice to build more inclusive work environments. He has over a decade of experience supporting clients with deploying strategic solutions across some of the world’s leading financial services institutions, while maintaining a strong passion for ensuring diversity and inclusivity remain high on organisations business agenda.  He is extremely passionate about intersectionality, where he believes it is each person’s role to support other groups who are in the minority – “after all, we don’t want to preach to the converted, we want to educate and inspire people to be more aware and inclusive.” Belton also acts as an adviser to the UK Multicultural network, proCulture. He has experience delivering Cyber Security, Customer Experience, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Spreadsheet Risk and Compliance/Regulatory Risk programs across Europe. He has managed global teams across large organisations, as well as supporting small and medium-sized organisations to implement fit-for-purpose solutions. Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration through consulting solutions in finance, technology, operations, data, analytics, governance, risk and internal audit. Please do not contact me if you require financial support.
  • M
    Paul Boyd
    Paul Boyd
    Vice President of User Experience
    Paul works at Oracle Health Sciences as the Vice President of User Experience. After his day job, he also works as the Global Executive Sponsor for OPEN (Oracle's LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group) and the Executive Sponsor for Oracle Health Sciences Diversity and Inclusion Team. He spends a lot of his time making sure that everyone at Oracle feels seen, accepted and that they belong at Oracle. He believes strongly that organizations perform best when all the colors of the human experience are celebrated.
  • M
    Emma Smith
    Emma Smith
    Head of Talent
    Creative Assembly
    I oversee Creative Assembly's Talent pipeline and been with the studio for more than 10 years, seeing the studio grow to over 500 people strong and multiple awards including BAFTA's and GI.Biz Best Places to Work 2017 and 2018. As lead of CA’s Legacy Project and a part of Top 100 Most Influential Women, my team and I drive forward the studios long-term commitment to education, community and charity. From playground to industry, the Legacy Project works to give people the skills needed to become the games development talent of tomorrow and promote games as a power for good.
  • M
    João Cadidé de Souza
    João Cadidé de Souza
    Quality, Knowledge and Training Expert
    With a Computer Science degree and a CELTA* certificate, I currently use these two passions and skills to deliver quality training at TrueLayer and help with quality assurance of our support interactions. I also run the Pride Employee Resource Group in the company along with some colleagues. Work should be enjoyable too. *Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, one of the certifications for ESL teachers.
  • Samantha Bradley
    Samantha Bradley
    Agile PM, UK LGBTQ+ Lead
    Certification in Practitioner level PM and Agile PMQ, Scrum Master and LGBTQ+ Lead. Scrum Master in technology projects with over 14 years of leadership experience across the telecommunications and insurance industry at operational and team leader level. Defect managemer for UK Transformation Programme, Web Chat Product Ownership, Product Analyst and CRM POC. IT environment analysis and troubleshooting. Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Duck Creek functional design and editing. Skilled in Stakeholder Management, Change Management, Contact Centers, Team & operational Leadership, and Customer & User Experience. Passionate about LGBTQ+ inclusion and volunteering, leading RSA's Building Pride ERG within the diversity and inclusion space with a view to create an environment where people can bring their best, whole authentic selves to work
  • Isabella Williamson-Hawkins
    Isabella Williamson-Hawkins
    Head of Mobile
    I am the Head of Mobile at IG Group, a world leader in derivatives trading and an established member of the FTSE 250. I have worked in many industries with very talented individuals throughout my career, in companies such as IG, Ford, UsTwo and Pivotal to drive the future of Mobile App development. I am an App co-founder and hold a European Patent. Alongside my career, I am currently undertaking an Executive MBA and CMI qualification. At IG, I lead and Champion our Diversity and Inclusion committee and work closely with all our networks to ensure an inclusive culture for everyone. Our IG Open Network works tirelessly to ensure that IG is a place where all LGBTQIA+ individuals feel they belong. As an athlete, I am very aware that difference is power, and by embracing our differences, we are far more successful as a whole.
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