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WorkPride: LGBTQ+ Influencers

During the Pride Month we will be spotlighting a number of incredible LGBTQ+ influencers you should definitely be following, who aim to educate, inspire and brighten up your social media feeds.

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    Michelle (Michi) Raymond
    Michelle (Michi) Raymond
    Business Development Director
    Michelle Raymond is the Business Development Director at myGwork, a global networking hub and job board for LGBTQ+ professionals and graduates. In addition to being a public speaker and D&I consultant, Michelle is also an accomplished musician who performs under the artist name ‘Michi.’ She has graced the stage with some of the biggest names in music today including Miley Cyrus, Meghan Trainor, DJ Marshmello, Rita Ora, and Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • Yasmin @theyasminbenoit
    Yasmin @theyasminbenoit
    Model, Activist, Writer
    Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)
    Yasmin Benoit is a British model, leading asexuality activist, writer, and speaker. At 18, she began modelling with the goal of diversifying the fashion industry and became one of the UK's most prominent Black alternative models. In late 2017, she publicly came out as aromantic-asexual and quickly became an unlikely face and voice for those communities. Her goal is to empower the aromantic and asexual people, bring those identities into the mainstream, fight for their social and legal inclusion, and dispel misconceptions about them in an intersectional, cross-sectional way. Yasmin created the popular #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike movement to show that there is no asexual way to look or dress, which has been embraced by asexual people worldwide. In 2019, she became a board member of the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) and in 2020, an asexualities researcher at California State University and made her presenting debut with her 'Me and My Asexuality' BBC Sounds series. Her unconventional approach to activism has attracted the attention of international press, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Glamour Magazine, British GQ, and Sky News. In early 2021, she did a TedX Talk on asexual media representation for the University of Arkansas, appeared in three Vogue publications, signed with literary agency, Gleam Titles, and was wrote an essay for LGBTQ+ anthology, 'We Can Do Better Than This.' (Penguin, June 2021) Yasmin was also included on the Attitude101 Influential Figures List as a "trailblazer" in "The Future: Under 25" category, and she appeared on the Visible100 List of game-changers as a Community Campaigner.
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    Krystal Lake 🎬
    Krystal Lake 🎬
    Influencer (+500K) & Founder of Cut By Krystal
    Cut By Krystal
    Forbes 30 Under 30 and PPA Under 30 winner, Krystal Lake teaches the “stuff that schools don’t teach” to her audience of over +500K followers on TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. Her platform centers around POC, LGBTQ+, feminism, and mental health topics. Coming from an award-winning video background, Krystal Lake gathered her knowledge of how to create viral content through leading teams at companies such as CNBC, UNILAD, and PinkNews. The lack of minority topics in media moved her to start her own business as a content creator, speaker, and coach, to be a positive voice for her community. You can also find her DJing all around the world, as a Producer / DJ, or for artists like Ashnikko. “I created this platform because I wished that I had this growing up, and for a long time, I didn’t like myself because society labeled me as different and an embarrassment.” – Krystal Lake | Forbes 30 Under 30 For collaborations, interviews, and business inquiries: [email protected]
  • Bella Misandria
    Bella Misandria
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