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WorkPride Panel: Family Portrait - The Matter of Parenting for LGBTQ+

As most of us know, (co)adoption for LGBTQ+ peers is still illegal or very restricted in many countries worldwide. As the reality of same-sex couples raising children slowly finds its way into our lives, there are still challenges along the way to be explored. 

This panel will include stories of LGBTQ+ families and what useful parenting tips they have for those who are looking to start their own family. We will also explore how educating children in school can help promote acceptance at a young age.  

Additionally, the panel will cover how COVID-19 is causing increased tension for LGBTQ+ co-parents across the globe, as they contend with child arrangements such as contact and home-schooling whilst managing work issues and financial security. 

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  • M
    Saski .
    Saski .
    LGBTQ+ Inclusion Specialist Consultant
    Saski is a well established LGBTQIA+ Inclusion training consultant in both schools and the workplace. She is also a Life Coach and Mentor,  Official PRIDE Host, Interviewer for Podcast, Radio and online. Panel Moderator and Singer.  Saski’s mission is to positively spotlight the LGBTQIA+ community through these various strands of her work and create environments where everyone can be their true authentic self.  In addition she is also a Pride ambassador for Pride Life Magazine, and a PRIDE365 Champion. Saski has the unique ability to be versatile on a wide range of subjects, whilst engaging both her audiences and panellists, bringing about the best conversations for education and awareness. Humour meets grace and knowledge meets’s what Saski does best.  A keen advocate for positive promotion and equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community and all, Saski has appeared on several BBC TV and Radio shows and panels, promoting inclusion. She has also worked closely with a variety of charities and organisations, as an LGBTQ+ Inclusion trainer, interviewer, and Host.  Collaborations include Inclusive Companies, MyGwork,, Diva Magazine, Pride Life Magazine and various UK PRIDE’s, Mermaids and Diversity Role Models Youth charities, Clexacon, The British Youth Council and P3 Parenting Network to name but a few.  
Find out more here  and follow Saski on Facebook & Instagram @Saskisinger & on Twitter @Saskisinger1
  • Michael Johnson-Ellis
    Michael Johnson-Ellis
    TwoDadsUK®, The Modern Family Show & My Surrogacy Journey®
    Mike is a passionate gay father who has utilised social media and his blog to tell his story of his journey to parenthood via TwoDadsUK®. In doing this he has become a fertility campaigner and activist and has now dedicated his life and career to helping others, either battling infertility or are from the LGBTQ community and are looking at Surrogacy to achieve parenthood. Michael and his husband are also founders of The Modern Family Show (the only UK LGBTQ family building information and educational event) and more recently the latest UK not for profit, supporting those exploring UK or International Surrogacy, My Surrogacy Journey® launched in February 2021. Mike was Awarded The Surrogacy Professional of The Year Award in 2019 due to his services to the UK Surrogacy Community. In 2021 Michael was awarded one of only 21 Purple Plaques issued by the UK Government and Census21 for his work to the LGBTQ and infertility community. Mike also speaks publicly about his quest for parenting via UK Surrogacy, and his campaigning and activism work, is his aptly titled presentation 'Who's The Daddy?' Mike has over 18 years’ experience working in the NHS & Healthcare Recruitment and Consultancy industry. His consultancy MJE Consulting specialise in all client and candidate management/attraction to also include large scale recruitment projects to reduce traditional temporary agency recruitment. TwoDadsUK® is the leading organisation for Gay Men seeking surrogacy services in the UK. Mike's passion for supporting others via his award winning Blog and Social Media channels (across Facebook and Instagram) led to the creation of additional services such as the popular sell out Surrogacy Information Events and the Clinic Partnership agreements specialising in supporting Fertility Clinics with LGBTQ marketing services and lead generation. TwoDadsUK® has worked on a number of TV documentary's and brand collaborations with the likes of Audi, Save The Children, Vodafone, Sainsburys, Mamas and Papas and more recently Cow & Gate. Events for 2022 The Modern Family Show is the only UK LGBTQ Family Building Event taking place in London on the 10th September 2022. San Francisco is 29th October 2022 Sydney, April 29th 2023. For tickets see
  • Gerald Lee
    Gerald Lee
    Global I&D Implementation Lead
    I'm the Global Inclusion & Diversity Implementation Lead at GlaxoSmithKline. I'm responsible for the diagnosis, design and delivery of our global I&D projects, as well as effective implementation of our I&D plan and priorities at an enterprise level. I'm a proud Chinese-Canadian-Australian-Brit! I currently live in London with my husband and two young children.
  • M
    Uchenna Umeh
    Uchenna Umeh
    Dr. Uchenna Lizmay Umeh, PLLC
    Dr. Lulu is a pediatrician (retired), speaker and author. Former Lt. Col in the USAF and mom of three! She helps parents of queer kids accept and support their children. Her ultimate goal is to end youth suicide.
  • Daniel Conklin, SPHR
    Daniel Conklin, SPHR
    Human Resources Leader
    Park Place Dealerships
  • M
    Rebecca Dandridge
    Rebecca Dandridge
    Director of HIV Public Affairs and Co-Lead of ACE PRIDE Alliance
    Gilead Sciences Inc.
    I have a Masters in Arts and began my career as a theatre design lecturer at the prestigious Royal Holloway University before moving into the pharmaceutical industry working as a creative communications and public affairs specialist. I have over 15 years’ experience leading teams in delivering internal and external communications, working with the patient community to bring about positive change. I co-lead the Gilead PRIDE Alliance working across Europe, Canada and Australia to champion an inclusive and accepting work environment where diversity is celebrated and LGBTQ+ employees and allies can be their authentic selves. Outside of work I spend enjoyable (and a lot of) lockdown time with my tolerant and amazing wife and two children!
  • Nicole Wormley
    Nicole Wormley
    VP, Diversity + Inclusion
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