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WorkPride Panel: How can business better support Intersex employees in the workplace?

We know that valuing diversity and equality is fantastic for business, and employees alike. So how can business be more welcoming and inclusive of people born with intersex variations / variations in sex characteristics (VSC)?

VSC and intersex are umbrella terms to describe over 40 distinct naturally occurring variations that we can be born with. People can be diagnosed with a variation in childhood, as teenagers, or as adults. We comprise 1.7% of population, which is over 130 million globally.

This panel will bring together international speakers to discuss how business could better support our population to thrive in the workplace. We will also be shining a light on the current human rights issues, discrimination, and how to do better.

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  • Cristina Gaviria Beltrán
    Cristina Gaviria Beltrán
    Creative Lead
    myGwork’s Creative Lead is artist Cristina Gaviria Beltrán. Her work goes more than being solely engaged in the visual aspect of the company; her personal work is a constant questioning of non -binary visions of sexuality and intimacy in a society which sorrowfully still seeks to undermine them. Therefore, she celebrates the liberty from her own self- exploration and experimentation in it. From there, being able to work at a place like myGwork which precisely act upon that concern through all that which we offer in the corporate world, makes her job position not only a practical approach to the visual language, but a poetic performance of living all that which she reconnoiters: through and by the flesh and the actual acting upon that concern through practical implementations of the desired transformations
  • Valentino Vecchietti
    Valentino Vecchietti
    Founder of Intersex Equality Rights UK
    Intersex Equality Rights UK
    Valentino Vecchietti (she/they) is a multi-award winning intersex activist and equality campaigner in the UK. They founded Intersex Equality Rights UK. They speak at intersex conferences in the UK and internationally. They are an independent academic, a writer, and a public speaker. They consult for universities, museums, and LGBT Organizations - and in the Arts for television, film, and theatre. Valentino is the Intersex Columnist at DIVA Magazine, the largest lesbian and bi women’s magazine in Europe. In 2020 & 2021 their work as an intersex community campaigner was recognised on the Lesbian 100 List. And they are on the Pride Power List 2020 for their intersex focussed work in journalism, media and culture.
  • Ronie Zuze
    Ronie Zuze
    Executive Director
    Intersex Community of Zimbabwe (ICoZ) Trust
    Ronie Nyasha Zuze, the founder and Executive Director of ICoZ (Intersex Community of Zimbabwe) Trust which is a community based organization. Ronie is a passionate intersex activist and Human Rights and intersex Advocate who has been on the forefront of the fight for intersex rights in Zimbabwe. Since the formation of the African Intersex Movement, Ronie has been part of the advocating team at different levels, nationally regionally and internationally lobbying and advocating for the rights of intersex persons in Africa and has gained recognition after their contribution to the National Inquiry on Access to Documentation in Zimbabwe and regionally on the Rights of Intersex Persons in Africa at the ACHPR and lastly, on an international platform, producing a report on the Rights of Intersex Women and girls in Zimbabwe for UN CEDAW in 2020.
  • Cianán Russell
    Cianán Russell
    Senior Policy Officer
    Cianán Russell is a Senior Policy Officer at ILGA-Europe based in Brussels, Belgium, working on policy and advocacy relating to trans, intersex, health, education, and the anti-gender movement at the Council of Europe and the European Union. They started LGBTI activism in the US in 1996, and have previously worked with the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (USA), the Asia Pacific Transgender Network, and Transgender Europe. Cianán is also the Director of Trans Survivors Network, and international NGO focused on research, advocacy, and awareness-raising related to the needs and care of trans and gender diverse people exposed to sexual violence, sexual assault, and rape. They serve on a Chapter Working Group with the WPATH Standards of Care version 8, are a member of the GATE Trans Men and HIV Working Group, and are part of the Man.ish Cave Team (Amsterdam). They have a Ph.D. in chemistry from Purdue University (2008) and served on the teaching faculty at Georgia Institute of Technology from 2008-2013.
  • Cecilia Alejandra Lopez Bemsch
    Cecilia Alejandra Lopez Bemsch
    Cecilia Lopez Bemsch es una persona intersexual de Tucuman - Argentina. Es fundador de la organización ARGENTINA INTERSEX. Colabora con diferentes organizaciones LGBTI tanto nacionales como internacionales. Es activista por los derechos humanos de las personas intersexuales. Es miembro del Consejo Directivo por el Estamento de Estudiantes de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. Integrante de la agrupación NUEVA LINEA.
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