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WorkPride Panel (in Spanish): Comunidad Out-of-office - Redes de apoyo LGBTI+

Las personas generamos conexiones todo el tiempo, dentro y fuera de la jornada laboral. Por esta razón, las redes de apoyo son cruciales para todo el ciclo vital del colectivo LGBTQ+, ya sea en nuestra etapa profesional, familiar e, incluso, durante la vejez. Este panel está dirigido a descubrir y potenciar esas múltiples capas de redes a través del testimonio de organizaciones articuladoras y sus protagonistas.  


  • Cristina Gaviria Beltrán
    Cristina Gaviria Beltrán
    Creative Lead
    myGwork’s Creative Lead is artist Cristina Gaviria Beltrán. Her work goes more than being solely engaged in the visual aspect of the company; her personal work is a constant questioning of non -binary visions of sexuality and intimacy in a society which sorrowfully still seeks to undermine them. Therefore, she celebrates the liberty from her own self- exploration and experimentation in it. From there, being able to work at a place like myGwork which precisely act upon that concern through all that which we offer in the corporate world, makes her job position not only a practical approach to the visual language, but a poetic performance of living all that which she reconnoiters: through and by the flesh and the actual acting upon that concern through practical implementations of the desired transformations
  • Ludwig Recoder
    Ludwig Recoder
    Associate Director Human Resources
    Gilead Sciences Inc.
    HR Professional with over 15 years of experience in Workforce Management, Talent Acquisition, Training and Development, HR international projects, Talent Management, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Diversity & Inclusión, HR Compliance, HR policies and HRBP & HR Manager responsibilities. I have international experience with a strong customer and results orientation, teamwork player, flexibility and change agile, decision-making, achievement, commitment and adaptability. I have positive attitude, energy and I´m an enthusiastic person who enjoy building a good work environment.
  • Acto Paulson
    Acto Paulson
    Audiovisual Communication
    It Gets Better España
    Graduada en Comunicación Audiovisual por la Escuela Politécnica Superior de Gandia. Social Media Manager Lo mío son las letras y las personas. Voluntaria y vicepresidenta de It Gets Better España Passion & Empathy
  • Joaquín Cordero Martínez
    Joaquín Cordero Martínez
    Global Senior Implementation Manager
    Enterprise Holdings Inc.
    Working in Car Rental Industry from 2000, I have a large and varied experience in the former Atesa and, since 2012, in Enterprise Holdings. I am a fanatic of human communication, and apart from speaking some languages, I love all expression ways: Literature, Music, Movies, Painting, Comic Books and most of all, Theater. I support this crazy thought: Everyone should have equal rights
  • Aline Mascarenhas
    Aline Mascarenhas
    SR Customer Success | Gender Awareness Trainer
    B-corp Women in Management
    Facilitadora de experiencias virtuales para impulsar la igualdad de género desde un marco interseccional en espacios corporativos, SR Customer Success en la empresa B certificada Women in Management, en español y portugués para Chile y LATAM, cofundadora de la comunidad virtual para agentes de cambio latinoamericana Red Mirífica y Licenciada en Administración de Empresas por la Universidad de Pernambuco, Brasil.
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